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Top 9 Lewis Hamilton motivational quotes

The eight-time Formula 1 champion is the highest paid athlete in the world and one of the most successful persons in auto racing history. Here are the top nine Lewis Hamilton motivational quotes that will inspire and help you make the most of your day.

The origins of champion quotes.

The morning moved faster than you planned. Apparently, something went wrong. Either the alarm clock rang at the wrong time, or there was an annoying crosswalk with an always late green light. The city is boiling and the people are moving like one tremendous wave, and it’s like you’re lost rather to go-getter to conquer a big city or become a good egg.

Fellows are looking in your direction incredulously. Just because you have a bad day, it’s okay.

There is always a place for troubles, bad news, foul weather and negative people. But nothing should knock you off your feet.

Lewis Hamilton is Formula 1 seven-time world champion, seems to achieve everything as simply as possible. But, unfortunately, success never comes easily. Mercedes driver has faced all kinds of difficulties during his racing career. It has been happening in front of millions of fans all over the world.

They criticized him for his driving and dominance on the track. People criticized his looks and style outside the racing track simply because he wasn’t like the others. And during the break between Grand Prix, they criticized him for postings on social media. Lewis Hamilton had as many fans as haters, but this was never a reason to lose faith in himself.

That’s why Hamilton has become more than a racing driver. He has become one of the most influential and inspiring figures in Formula 1.

We have collected the top Lewis Hamilton quotes, which will make your bad day into a great one.

And even if everything around you is not as it should be, do not despair, as concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory!

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Lewis Hamilton motivational quotes that will make you inspired.

№1 “I don’t aspire to be like other drivers – I aspire to be unique in my own way”

№2 “As a driver, you’ve always got to believe in your heart that you’ve got what it takes to win it. You’ve always got to believe in yourself. You’ve always got to arrive on the day and believe it can happen. You’ve always got to believe in the positives.”

№3 “I feel like people are expecting me to fail; therefore, I expect myself to win”

№4 “In racing, there are always things you can learn, every single day. There is always space for improvement, and I think that applies to everything in life.”

№5 “Everyone has complicated lives, but the more you can simplify it and make it work for you, the better it is going to be.”

№6 “I don’t fear failure, I fear not living up to my potential. I take that passion with me and never stop learning…”

№7 “Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory”

№8 “You just need to be accepted for who you are and be proud of who you are and that is what I’m trying to do.”

№9 “Obviously I am not happy but they can throw what they want at me, I will come back stronger.”

Another Lewis Hamilton quote we bypassed sounds more like advice: “Going for a really long run, a bike ride, or cross-country skiing helps me get away from all the noise. I tell myself, ‘The pain you’re feeling, just enjoy it. It’s going to help you across that finish line first.’ If you’re having a crap day, get out for a run. It makes a big difference.”.

Therefore, if it doesn’t work, take a break and feel the planet moving around you. Then the traffic light happily greets you with a green light. Your ideas amaze the fellows, because you are capable of a lot! Believe in yourself and everything will work out.