Tag: Hybrid era

Only a few years ago it seemed fantastic to reach the hybrid era in motorsport. Global progress is coming towards the automobile. Now we need more environmental friendliness, that is one of the themes of the FIA.

In Formula 1, the hybrid era begins. Rally Director Yves Matton confirmed the introduction of hybrid cars in the FIA World Rally Championship 2022. Meanwhile, the manufacturers also confirm a hybrid contract for three years. It is not an easy decision after the toughest 2020-2021 due to pandemic restrictions and cost reductions.

Nevertheless, it will be a new era for all motorsport. Most manufacturers are abandoning automotive development in 2021 and focusing entirely on the 2022 cars. Haas F1, for example, is trying to cut running costs and attract new investors to the team. As huge as Mercedes is, they can work both ways. At the same time, Ford M-sport and Hyundai are also testing new hybrid cars for 2022 in the FIA World Rally Championship.

What changes do we expect? What will the new hybrid era bring, will it be able to fundamentally change the lead in global car racing? Find out here on Racing Trend.