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Racing quiz: All you need to know about the first race cars and car races

The man got the steering wheel and stepped on the gas pedal. The passion for racing was born long before the first racing car was born. That was the time when horses ran faster than cars. Make yourself comfortable, as we embark on an exciting journey to the origins of motor racing history. Our special super-intellectual racing quiz already presents you with a challenge. How much do you know about the origins of car racing? Let’s take a look!

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Racing quiz on the first race cars and car races

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What was the average speed of the first race cars?

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How did the first ever car race come about?

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Who made the first race car?

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What was the first car race in the world?

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How long was the first race in the world - Paris-Rouen?

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How many riders competed in the world's first Paris-Rouen race?

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What was the first ever magazine about car race?

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What country invented car racing?

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Which car won the world's first car race?

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When was the first official motor race?

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What was the requirement for cars in the first car race?

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You can read the full article about the first race car here.

As the results of our racing quiz questions show, the beginning of the automotive industry was marked by racing. The desire to be better: stronger, faster, united automobile enthusiasts around the world and united to this day. Talented, creative and enterprising golden heads have kept in their hearts the passion for racing that gave birth to motorsport. Therefore, from four-seater cars with 19 tm / h we came up to the two-seater with over 300 km / h only for two centuries.