Mercedes will leave F1?

Mercedes will leave F1? The team will only strengthen its position

The Mercedes brand is working on the future. For the time being, production has set itself a new goal – to produce only electric cars by 2030. Such a decision could well have an impact on the brand’s participation in Formula 1 racing. Mercedes will leave F1 – that’s exactly what the journalists thought and drew their conclusions on the issues and added fuel to the fire of discussion about future plans. How close is this to the truth and is there something we do not know, but should?

How did it start, where’s the origin?

Rumors of a Mercedes exit from Formula 1 have been rife since the last quarter of 2020, due in part to business changes, the acquisition of shares and other hustle within the Mercedes F1 team itself. However, we have no idea how Toto Wolff manages his business in detail. It is not known what shares he owns or what Lawrence Stroll has to do with it. Despite the fact that Wolf himself said the chances of Mercedes leaving F1 in the foreseeable future are like an invasion of aliens from Mars. But the bustle is unstoppable.

Formula 1 Grand Prix information source puts forward a real conspiracy theory with the label “speculation”. They put together amazing pieces of the puzzle:

  • Stroll gets the current Mercedes operation to rename himself Aston Martin; this frees up Force India / Racing Point / Aston Martin so that Mazepin gets his Formula One team;
  • Mercedes AMG High-Performance Powertrains supplied Aston Martin, Mazepin F1 Team, Williams and McLaren etc

Now you know that this was pure speculation.

Toto Wolff Mercedes F1 team principal
Toto Wolff Mercedes F1 team principal, photo by

What about the new goal, the electric future of Mercedes?

At a higher level, there has been discussion about participating in Formula One, because this is not in line with the sustainable image that Mercedes is chasing. A plan to drive all-electric could mean that the brand wants to leave Formula 1 and concentrate on Formula E.

Logical chain of thought, only if… FIA.

According to the main rules, the FIA pursues the best to make all motorsport environmentally compatible. Thus, in 2022, a new hybrid era for the FIA World Rally Championship will begin. It seems that Mercedes will agree policy before all others and set itself targets as part of a major challenge, which means that team will remain in F1 until 2030. Furthermore, they already know about it right now. Of course, no one rules out the emergency situation. Formula 1 is a way of thinking at the first moment, especially for the bosses.

So Mercedes announced the secret FIA rules that will have an impact on other Formula One teams. Perhaps the most important rule until 2030 will be the demand for all-electric cars. So the only question remains:

Why do we have to keep talking about a Mercedes will leave F1?

Mercedes as a brand built the mighty empire in Formula 1. The image of the team influences social media as well as business deals. Toto Wolff can be described as a sporting shark and an excellent businessman. He understands exactly the effectiveness of all rumors in the media world. Thus, the social concerns of racing fans about the future plans of the favorite team influence Formula 1 bosses.

This aspect allows Mercedes as a Formula 1 participant to dictate their own conditions. They have more power, their resistance or, on the contrary, the rules of the great show called Formula One. After all, they have power on the background of general indignation and rumors.

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