Lewis Hamilton signs new contract

Lewis Hamilton signs new contract, what does that mean for applicants?

Like a bolt from the blue, Lewis Hamilton signs new contract with the Mercedes F1 Team. The new two-year deal was announced just hours before qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix. Just when nobody expected it, the question remains who will be his team-mate, at least for next year?

Valtteri Bottas and George Russell have equal chances

While the Mercedes Formula One team, led by Toto Wolff, continues to add fuel to the fire of rumor, the drivers share the same priorities. Stability, confidence and trust – this is where Lewis Hamilton is best placed and where he will continue to drive for Mercedes in 2022 and 2023.

Given his background, who seems appropriate, Valteri Bottas or George Russell?

Here’s the answer – equally. The Finn is 90% reliable and will help to implement the team strategy. But for the other 10 percent Bottas always has something goes wrong. So it was last year in Sakhir, at the Baku Grand Prix and at the Monaco race. At the same time, George Russell is already ready to switch to Bottas’ Mercedes. He guarantees the team a speed. Maybe the Briton will drive better than Fin. However, it is difficult to rely on an inexperienced young driver for the team, considering that Mercedes has its own game.

Lewis Hamilton signs new contract
Mercedes F1

The better George Russian drives, the more chances he has to sign a contract with Mercedes.

That is the main goal for British driver which he tried to show at every race last month. Russell feels confident, but Lewis Hamilton needs a teammate as a partner and not a leader. Although the final decision is up to Toto Wolff.

Valtteri Bottas retains self-control

Valtteri has one of the most psychologically difficult positions. On the one hand, he has to work at the same speed as Mercedes Formula 1 car 44. On the other hand, having proven himself to be better, he feels that it is possible to be number one without observing the rules. However, at the moment he cannot keep up with Lewis Hamilton’s pace.

If Lewis Hamilton signs a new contract, who will be his team-mate in 2022?

Toto Wolff certainly has thoughts, but there is no concrete solution. Had it been so, the composition of the Mercedes drivers in 2022 would have been announced today, not Hamilton’s contract.

When will they sign a teammate?

Both Bottas and Russell have time until the end of the 2021 Formula One season and both drivers will have been testing “for a place at Mercedes” that they will pass. However, the results will be so different that we can only conclude, together with Toto Wolff, that the best will define himself.

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