Rally Sardegna

It is the week before the Rally Sardegna, but everything is ready to WRC

The Rally of Sardinia will take place from 3 to 5 June. Almost a whole week before rally, but the organizers are counting the hours! Since February, the work for the start of the rally in Alghero is in full swing! This is the fifth stage and by far the most organizing in the FIA World Rally Championship 2021 calendar.

Alghero, Olbia – Rally Sardegna route.

Since February 2021 the organizers planned all the options for the route. The rally consists of 20 special stages on dirt roads and three stages with a total length of 303.10 km.
The most important is the return to Gallura.  Alghero will host the ceremonial start, where the event has been held for seven years. Servicepark locates in Olbia, Molo Brin near the center of the Gallura capital.

New shakedown, new power stage of the Rally Sardegna.

The rally drivers will run 2.89 km on Thursday at 3: 00 a.m. local time in Loiri, south of Olbia. The ceremonial start will come in the evening in Alghero.

The first stage on Friday covers 127.40 km and consists of four stages that are repeated twice: Monte Acuto Filigosu and Terranova in the morning. Alta Gallura Tempio and Tula are on the afternoon program.

Saturday promises 129.42 km with four special stages in Monte Acuto Coiluna and Monte Lerno in the morning. Then in Anglona Castelsardo and Gallura, a new SS in Bortigiadas.

Sunday, 6 June, there will be the final stage of 46.08 km, with two new special stages, repeated twice on the north coast of Gallura. Braniatogghiu, returning after ten years, and the new Power Stage of Aglientu-Santa Teresa will host the final action of the rally.

Rally Sardegna
Rally Sardegna

Italian rally fans follow Rally Sardegna – support from local mass media

Not only the official WRC All live translates racing, but also the Italian round on RAI Sport, which broadcasts the stages live and analyses the news on RAI 2 with extra show specials.

This is why the Rally Sardegna will be thundering all over Italy next weekend!

Rally Sardegna
Rally Sardegna 2019

Additional Covid-19 safety on WRC Sardegna

Despite the Covid-19 measures, the rally organizers will be run with open doors and rally fans will be allowed to be present along the stages, but with some restriction.

For the Rally Sardegna 2021, a maximum number of people is 25%, they will have access to each area. If, for example, a fan zone can accommodate 100 spectators, only 25 people will have access. The service park and the start / finish area are not available for spectators, in compliance with the FIA regulations regarding the sensitive areas of the rally. The usual basic rules will following at all times, such as the use of the mask and social distancing.

Rally Sardegna
Thierry Neuville Rally Sardegna 2019

There is also support from the authorities and the media. A serious control over the organization of safety will make it possible to carry out all the special stages of the Rally without unforeseen.

In situation with the pandemic it is very important that motorsport events have supporting from various sides. Thus, in Italy, the countdown to the start of the WRC Sardegna is already in full swing.

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