Formula 1 2021 calendar

Formula 1 2021 calendar: Why was the Turkish GP cancelled?

Formula 1 2021 calendar will also have changed over the course of the season and will present organizers with new challenges. Once again, the ability to adapt to the situation and solve problems quickly is the hallmark of the professionals

The management of the Turkish GP reached out to replace Canada so quickly that we didn’t even have time to get upset. Likewise, we didn’t even have time to think about the unpredictable weather in Istanbul, as it was forced out on May 10.

For me, Formula 1 management is an example of organization, aerobatics in business. Bosses are prepared for any situation, but the cancellation of the Canadian Grand Prix is more or less expected, but the fact that the Turkish race will leave this flashpoint’s dates nobody expected.

Why to replace the Canadian GP?

Holding a Formula 1 race without an audience was necessary for safety reasons, but would mean a loss. Canada would have to pay about $25 million for the right to host the race. Therefore, the race needs to cancel. As a great alternative, Turkey was recommended as a really interesting race with unpredictable weather conditions in Istanbul Park.

Turkish GP in 2020 F1 season by
Turkish GP in 2020 F1 season by

The Turkish Grand Prix turned down the offer.

As you already know, each country has its own list of countries with a high risk for Covid-19. As a result, Turkey is in Great Britain’s ‘red zone’ list. Therefore, after the Turkish Grand Prix from 11 to 13 June, most employees should take advantage of the two-week quarantine after the weekend. If so, who and how will they work for the next Formula One race in France from 25 to 17 June? Safety, but not a reasonable race in Istanbul Park this way.

What is the alternative for the Turkish GP in the Formula 1 2021 calendar?

F1 fans expect that the Italian Mugello or the German Hockenheim would get focus dates. Miracles, but the mission came to the Baku GP, Azerbaijan could shift the dates from 4 – 6 to 11-13 June. But their response was really fast and cold-headed. Organizers have no opportunity to hold their race a week later, Arif Rahimov, ruled out such a possibility. A qualifying match of the European Football Championship is the reason. The match of Wales and Switzerland will take place in Baku on 12 June. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan announces that their weekend will be without spectators.

What does this mean for the Turkish Grand Prix?

Istanbul Park is risking to lose the race in tFormula 1 2021 calendar. Turkey needs to postpone until the autumn after the Russian Sochi.
The ability to quickly navigate difficult situations and find the right solutions is a sign of professionalism. The main task is to save the Turkish Grand Prix in Formula 1 2021 calendar. To replace it with a race of no less interest at least.

Based on the experience of the last year, in Formula 1 know what to do. Thus, we expect something new. A final decision on the fate of the race will probably announce until the end of this week.

F1 2021 calendar – When plans change quickly