2021 F1 calendar

Why is Turkey replacing Canada in the 2021 F1 calendar?

2021 F1 calendar has new changes.

Turkey will replace Canada in the 2021 season. Canadian authorities were due to give an official response to the Formula 1 race on April 12, as officially planned. Nevertheless, everything was ready, but something went wrong. No matter, the global economy continues to suffer from the consequences of the pandemic. Therefore, it is quite difficult to predict the sequence of motorsport events, especially when it comes to multi-million dollar deals.

The Canadian Grand Prix fell into such a trap. It would have been too expensive to hold the Formula 1 race without a spectators. Thus, the Canadian side would have to pay about 25 million dollars for the right to host the race, resulting in losses of about 9.5 million dollars.

Possible changes

Formula 1 had prepared for this turnaround. This is not the first and most likely not the last precedent in the 2021 season. Brazil is still in question. The versatile 23-race calendar, along with the “always-ready” modes of Turkey, Bahrain and Italy, promises not to disappoint F1 fans.

While it is disappointing we cannot be in Canada this season we are excited to confirm that Turkey will host a Grand Prix in 2021 after an amazing race last season,

“I want to thank the promoter and authorities in Canada for all of their efforts in recent weeks but the travel situation made our plans impossible. I equally want to thank the promoter and authorities in Turkey for their ongoing willingness to host a Formula 1 race that shows the huge interest in our sport and the hope from many locations to have a Grand Prix” – said Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of Formula 1.

The Canadian authorities have done everything in their power to keep the venue, but have come to agreement. On the other hand, Formula One is a huge business. The agreements should be made in a way that is convenient for both parties: as an organizer and as a spectator.


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