Sebastien Ogier Rally Croatia 2021

Sebastien Ogier finds incredible time to win WRC Rally Croatia 2021

Sebastien Ogier proved once again that he keeps a cool head in every situation. Toyota driver won the third round of the WRC. The victory at the Croatia Rally was secured by the Frenchman in a duel with his teammate Elfin Evans in the final minutes of the final power stage. Sebastien Ogier was 4.5 seconds ahead of his main rival and took the victory by 0.6 seconds.

At the start of the Rally Croatia 2021.

But things turned out differently: nobody could have imagined that Sebastien Ogier would cope with all problems he faced. Thierry Neuville was the main contender for the victory, but problems on Saturday threw him off the podium. Sebastien Ogier crossed the finish line Yesterday as the leader despite all the difficulties on Friday.

S. Ogier Sunday's morning, photo by social media
S. Ogier Sunday’s morning, photo by social media

Sebastien Ogier and Sunday’s accident.

On the way to the start of the first special stage, the Frenchman was involved in an accident on a public road in which he collided with another car while changing lanes. To meet a racing driver on the road increases the fervor of all, even non-racing fans. However, anyone familiar with motorsport also knows that these meetings should be held on a special race track. It is unlikely that the daredevil knew that Sebastien Ogier had to rush to the SS line.

Details of the accident are already being investigated. Despite comments that the glitch was purely cosmetic and that the Toyota Yaris WRC was not damaged, Sebastien’s pace dropped and he lost three stages to Elfiyn Evans. And by the start of the last power stage, the Briton driver extended his lead to almost 3 seconds.

Sebastien Ogier and an unprecedented 0.6 seconds.

The Frenchman’s task at the Power Stage was to get the most out of the race. Elfin Evans’s task was to drive cleanly, but he made a mistake and lost time – exactly the time that Ogier needed to win.

After the podium ceremony Ogier said:

“I was thinking it would not be enough. It looks like it really went close up to the last metres, maybe a last mistake from Elfyn hand us the win but I think over the weekend the whole team have done an amazing job.

“Of course the emotion for us now is super strong – it’s like it was a crazy rollercoaster for us this weekend between the puncture (on Friday) the issue this morning obviously and I was glad to still be in the race honestly and now just to catch this, like this, I guess that’s why we do this sport for the emotion.”

Rally Croatia 2021 by wrc all live
Rally Croatia 2021 by wrc all live
Rally Croatia 2021 by wrc all live
Rally Croatia 2021 by wrc all live
WRC results after Rally Croatia 2021
WRC results after Rally Croatia 2021

Sebastien Ogier’s victory at the Croatian Rally took him to overall lead: the Frenchman is now 8 points ahead of the next Hyundai driver, Thierry Neville, Belgian finishing the race in 3rd place.

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