Imola GP: Lando Norris

Imola GP Qualifying: Perez and Norris set the pace, Hamilton takes pole

Imola GP qualifying classification came very suddenly. Yuki Tsunoda, the noisy newcomer  Formula1 2021 season, retired immediately due to an accident with his car. Japan’s F1 driver will start tomorrow from pit lane 20.  Another rookie,  Russian Nikita Mazepin (19), started the race weekend in Emilia Romagna with a scandal at Friday’s practice. Also on Saturday morning, he made a dangerous driving with Antonio Giovinazzi (17).  With this, he once again proved that only his race car was ready for action. It intensified the wave of hatred against the Haas F1 team.

But when Nikita Mazepin and Yuki Tsunoda finished very quickly in qualifying, all the other drivers raced until the last one.

Imola GP: Nikita Mazepin Friday's practice
Imola GP: Nikita Mazepin Friday’s practice

Williams F1 Team.

For the first time, Williams F1 showes a real progress compared to Haas, with Nicholas Lattifi (12) overtaking George Russell (14) in the first segment and came to the second qualifying session at Imola GP.

McLaren F1 Team.

Lando Norris took first place towards the end of the segment. Either the weakness of the Mercedes drivers or it is simply McLaren that has increased the power. Second classification makes changes the Williams drivers’ positions, bringing George Russell (12) back, up above Lattifi (14)

Sergio Perez

The Mexican driver works as hard as possible. It’s clear he’ has the opportunity, but it won’t be long before he has to prove that he deserves the Red Bull seat, but even better. Sergio Perez attacks as much as possible: one by one TV cameras show Checo’s attack on the Atodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. Even during the expertise at Racing Point in past, his stress resistance allows him to maintain a high speed for now. Today, all the drivers drive hard, but it was Sergio Perez and Lando Norris  who clearly set the pace.

Alpine F1 Team

Esteban Ocon was a little weaker than his team-mate Fernando Alonso(15). But in the second Imola Gp classification something changed. E. Ocon (9) decided to put all his cards on the table, ahead of the two-time Formula One World Champion by 6 positions.

Sebastian Vettel (13)

Against the background of growing rumors that S. Vettel will leave Formula 1, he has to pull himself together and put all these noises behind him. However, either the frustration with his previous collaboration with the Scuderia Ferrari or the speed of the Aston Martin F1 car itself; something did not even allow him to enter the second segment. So far, his performances are not what Sebastian Vettel’s fans expect. Lance Stroll made it into the third segment and took 10th.

Imola GP Qualifying results
Imola GP Qualifying results

Third qualifying classification of Imola GP

The most combative Mercedes F1 drivers enter the match. Valtteri Bottas sets the most aggressive lap with 20 seconds to go. Lando Norris seems ready to race against Mercedes. Younger Lando fights for the last thousandths of a second. However, the power of his faithful Mclaren is not enough for pole position + 0.043. Then even the blind man sees clearly and yet the time is written off. While his team-mate Daniel Ricciardo (6) took the position higher, Lando Norris starts tomorrow after Ricciardo in 7th place.

While Sergio Perez (2) races like it’s a last race of the season, Max Verstappen (3) has start to accelerate only. Red Bull drivers will start the race tomorrow in second and third position.
Pierre Gasly is looking like a quiet boy without too much noise and sharp best performances, he is like a hidden tiger bursting into start by 5th. Fueled up the confidence and power takes Lewis Hamilton to pole position. Meanwhile, another Mercedes F1 driver Valtteri Bottas could not stand such an intense fight and lost in 8th place.

As always, every qualifying session is not the same as the race. So almost “all” drivers have chances to win the Imola GP, but nobody expecting such a competition in terms of speed and strength of the drivers. Imola Grand Prix promises to wonder F1 fans.

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