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Well Said! Bernie Ecclestone about Formula 1

Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone F1

Bernie Ecclestone is the man of legend, his name stands for Formula 1. In 1971, he became the owner of the Brabham racing team, but under the Concorde Agreement, he and his companies also managed the administration, construction and logistics of every Formula 1 Grand Prix. Even after his retirement in 2017, he has been active in bussiness of high-class motorsport for many years.

Bernie Ecclestone for Telegraph

The interview with the former boss was a bit sad, but there are reasons. For f1 fans still cannot believe that Stirling Moss left the world last year, and the news of the death of Niki Lauda in 2019 is a loss not only for F1, but for the whole world of motorsport. Words of wisdom always help to understand that a lot has changed, especially when they come from Ecclestone and he gets to the point in this interview. Today, this is another reason to look into the past.

 “I feel sorry for the people who were not in Formula 1 in the sixties, seventies or eighties. I’m not saying it was right then or wrong now. I’m just saying it was different,”

“We all helped each other. If someone had an engine problem and someone else had a part left over, they would give it to him,”

“I think the world has changed. Formula 1 hasn’t just changed. The world has changed.”

Motorsport in general, and Formula One in particular, is evolving at such a pace that the past decade is reflected as if an entire era had passed. Today, Formula 1 is different, it is neither good nor bad: priorities have changed.

F1 cars are striving not only for speed records, but also for environmental friendliness, and F1 drivers are not only racing drivers, but representatives of countries, political aspects, and their views and beliefs. Social networks have replaced newspapers, and the accounts of Mercedes “or McLaren’s Instagram Formula 1 teams are very similar to the online office of an advertising campaign. But… “the world has changed.”