F1 Bahrain qualifying results
F1 Bahrain qualifying results

F1 Bahrain qualifying started as the most anticipated Formula 1 day for millions of fans around the world. At this point we can see the real possibilities of F1 cars, as many details were hidden in the winter testing days. From the very beginning, all bets were on Max Verstappen and his new Red Bull.

Red Bull F1 Team

Honda is retiring from Formula 1 next season, but they already provided the best engine for the team and seems this working very fast. Max Verstappen shows the fast time during practice, no doubt Red Bull is a bit faster than Mercedes F1 car. So Max Verstappen will pass from first place. Sergio Perez was clear before F1 Bahrain qualifying that he needs four Grand Prix to reach the same speed as Max Verstappen has. No wonder the Mexican stayed in the second segment of qualifying and will start tomorrow at 11 position. Even though he was really quick, Sergio was disappointed enough.

Mercedes F1 team

The two drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, finished second and third in Formula One in Bahrain on Saturday night. Mercedes, as always, never showed their true speed until the last moment, so we still do not know their true power.

Aston Martin F1 Team

At this point, no one has a clue what Sebastian Vettel was like, but everyone thinks like one – he needs time to drive a new Aston Martin. While his team-mate Lance Stroll will start from 10th place, the German driver finishes 18th in the 2021 F1 Bahrain qualifying 2021.

F1 Bahrain qualifying by wtf1.com
F1 Bahrain qualifying

Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team

Despite all the rumors about Mattia Binotto’s retirement, it is quite clear that the whole team is doing a good job. Scuderia Ferrari is showing a much better pace than at the last Grand Prix of the 2020 Formula One season. For a while it is thought that Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have the chance to be in the lead. Fourth and eighth place are the progress for the team.

F1 Bahrain qualifying: joint progress

Speaking of progress, qualifying in Bahrain shows that all cars have almost the same speed, not a second of Mercedes F1 as before. Alpha Tauri looks incredible, Yuki Tsunoda came in, took the wheel and proved that he has the reason to be in Formula One. Fernando Alonso’s ninth position silences all those who have the question whether he has enough power to win against Lewis Hamilton.

Tomorrow’s Bahrain Grand Prix will show who has what it takes to beat Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes F1 team.

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