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F1 Bahrain Grand Prix: Everything is different

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix
F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix took Formula One fans by surprise: same faces, but everything is very different. In the beginning it looked as if Sergio Perez would finish before the Bahrain Grand Prix starts. It seemed as if Red Bull driver had got the problems with the car. Fortunately, Mexican driver started from the pit lane.

Both Haas F1 drivers also had the problem with the car. Nikita Mazepin retired immediately due to his own fault and unheated tires. Mick Schumacher held out until the end of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso’s noisy start was a setback due to brake problems, the Spaniard withdrew from the race. Pierre Gasly broke his wing first, so we could not see the real power from Alpha Tauri. While his teammate, the rookie Yuki Tsunoda, was unstoppable, the Japanese was always very comfortable overtaking without being afraid of the former Formula 1 world champions.

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix
F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel had hoped for the completely different Formula 1 racing weekend. His weekend came with a poor qualifying: 18th place + 2 positions due to racing at yellow flags. Sebastian Vettel collided with Esteban Ocon in the first corner during the race.

The stewards found the German guilty and punished him with an increase of ten seconds to the final result and two penalty points.

The racing tactics played badly with Red Bull. Max Verstappen lost his starting #1 position after the first pit stop. Although the delaying of the pit stops helped the Red Bull driver to keep the tires fresh against Lewis Hamilton.

Everythings working up towards to Max Verstappen wins the race until turn 4 returned to normal, with Lewis Hamilton in first place with three laps to go. Max Verstappen crossed the line at turn 4 and overtook Hamilton. No one can break the rules here.

By this Max Verstappen gave to Lewis Hamilton the victory because further overtaking attempts were not successful. Someone will say F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2021 is the same, but it is not.

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix
F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

During the break, most F1 teams have made great progress: Red Bull has picked up speed, McLaren is setting a high tempo. Formula One season has begun and promises to be very unpredictable.

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