Mucho mejor: Sergio Perez joins Red Bull and gets Mexican sponsor on board

Sergio Perez joins Red Bull
Sergio Perez Racing Point 2020, photo by BWT Racing Point Formula One Team

Sergio Perez signed a contract with Red Bull and officially came into the driver line-up 2021 f1 season. After Perez, INTERproteccion, the largest insurance company in Mexico, signed a deal with Red Bull. That moment is not about shaming money.

Mexico’s support for Sergio Perez.

Today Checo is the only Mexican among the current Formula One drivers. Therefore, his achievements follow the family and almost all 120 million people in Mexico. When it seemed that his career would simply end like this – with a victory at the Sakhir Grand Prix and a defeat at Racing Point F1 – it was a blow. However, Checo Perez’s ability to work 100% in difficult psychological conditions was also noticed in other Formula 1 teams.

Red Bull F1 signed Perez immediately, without rumors or speculation in the press. Besides his Formula 1 experience, Perez had sponsors on his side: Mexico is one of the countries interested in the development and popularization of Formula 1. Therefore, it is a very profitable idea to invest in a person who will represent your country. It was not surprising that after Sergio Perez, the largest insurance company NTERproteccion joined the Red Bull . 

Although F1 team completely denies the question of material benefits for the future, they say: “It is not about money,” but it is for nothing. 

Sergio Perez joins Red Bull
Sergio Perez Racing Point 2020, photo by BWT Racing Point Formula One Team

A categorical “no” from Red Bull F1 Team 

A categorical “no” rang out at the end of the 2020 Formula One season and just two weeks ago Red Bull’s management ruled out any need for Sergio Perez’s sponsorship, but why deny the potential profit?

“Red Bull doesn’t depend on that,” Horner insisted to the Dutch publication Racingnews365.

The time of the pandemic dictates its own conditions: many F1 teams need additional funding because expenditure is not reduced and revenues are not increased. In Formula 1, the money issue is more topical than ever. Team Principal Christian Horner is well aware that one has to be extremely careful with the press and social media in this matter. Literally in the blink of an eye, the honor of the team can be thrown into a shadow of doubt – the desire for profit. Therefore, the focus is on attracting new Formula 1 fans and promoting motorsport in Latin America, while the financial side of the deal with INTERproteccion falls by the wayside.

“We have always enjoyed a strong following in Latin America and with the addition of Checo to our line-up we are, of course, drawing more support than ever from Mexico. It’s an exciting time for us to have a brand like INTERproteccion on board,” Team Principal Christian Horner.

This is not the first time Red Bull and INTERproteccion have worked together, with both parties already working together for the 2018 American Grand Prix, Mexico and Brazil.

“We’re delighted to welcome INTERproteccion back into the Red Bull Racing family,” said Team Principal Christian Horner. “A few years ago, they became our first Mexican partner and we’re very proud to have them alongside us for what promises to be a fascinating 2021 season.” Team Principal Christian Horner

Sergio Perez joins Red Bull
Sergio Perez Red Bull F1 team 2021, photo by Red Bull

Red Bull F1 and this thorny issue.

Have they signed Sergio Perez for money? Nonsense. Nobody doubts the virtues of Sergio Perez, especially his professionalism. We also know about Red Bull’s reputation so well that we have no doubt about their intentions, even if Sergio Perez is supposed to be driver number two. Christian Horner has given the Mexican driver a great chance.

There is something comparable with Haas F1 team

Haas F1 Team signed russian driver Nikita Mazepin despite a huge protest from F1 fans. Money is such a private issue here that even Gunther Steiner decided not to comment on the situation. A decision that sparked a wave of outrage: what could make the not-so-slow F1 team sign two newcomers at a time when the driver market is proposing Nico Hülkenberg, Sergio Perez and others? 

The deal is almost reputationally damaging, but it is rumored it brought in F1 Team for 20 million. 

Red Bull management can be thanked for maintaining a transparent policy on the matter. Money and fans have become a logical addition to signing a contract with Sergio Perez, which is doubly pleasing for both sides.