Imola Grand Prix and only vaccinated fans allowed

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix
Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 2020

Imola Grand Prix is the top round in Formula 1 2021 calendar, the race where every F1 fan should really see with two eyes. As much as F1 fanatics really need it, because the Imola Grand Prix needs spectators. Only vaccinated fans will be allowed to see the Italian race. Whether it is the hurtful or the best decision of the organizers of the Imola Grand Prix? 

What is the reason why the Imola Grand Prix only allows vaccinated fans? 

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is the second race in 2021 and with the desire to return to normality, Imola hopes to even allow fans to participate, but fans who want to attend may have to get vaccinated. The Grand Prix at the Imola Circuit in 2020 made the best impression as a replacement due to the mass postponements due to the coronavirus. To get a good amount and the application as one of the most anticipated are the main objectives for Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. 

“The arrival of the fans is no small matter, because it can make a difference to the costs we incur. If the fans are not admitted, then all the costs will be borne by the organization, which amounts to about two million euros,” said Daniele Marchetti, Regional Councillor in Emilia Romagna.

Imola Grand Prix
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Allowing only vaccinated fans is the restriction for other Formula 1 fans. 

It seems to be an obstacle for people from other countries and cities, because not all people have the opportunity to get vaccinated. Someone has serious contraindications for this, and another is that the future consequences of vaccination in different countries are still thorough. Thus, F1 fans who are not vaccinated will not have the chance to see the Imola Grand Prix and this unfairly. 

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix
Emilia Romagna old 

Allowing only vaccinated fans means freedom

Vaccinated fans will only be given the freedom to get the maximum fun at the Formula 1 race weekend. It seems that even motor sports around the world are weary of pandemic disasters: social distance, masks, hand-washing and the smell of sanitazers. In this case, the vaccine is the opportunity to breathe freely and focus on Formula 1 races, cars, drivers, autograph sessions as in the old days. 

If Formula 1 fans can be sure that it is safe, they will be ready to get vaccinated and spend money. It has something unfair as one side. At the same time, this decision is the most successful and competent from the point of view of business in the Formula 1 racing industry.