WRC 2020: Monza Rally - wild cars at the home of Formula One

WRC Rally Monza
WRC Monza Rally/ photo by Red Bull content

WRC 2020 Monza Rally: What was the focus on? 

World rally championship 2020 season was so chaotic that it was a little
 difficult to understand that the Monza Rally is the last round of the WRC 2020. Anyway, it takes time to form a rally circuit, but it hadn't enough at Monza during the pandemic time.
 It was the greatest idea to combine the Formula 1 Italian circuit 
and the rally conditions. Looking at the track, it becomes clear that this concept would have taken more time: there were too many artificial obstacles, the wild nature of Monza circuit had been lost. Nevertheless, the Monza Rally did not lose its special significance. Moreover, it is the rewarding end of the WRC 2020. 

Has it become so worthy for everyone? 

WRC Rally Monza
WRC Monza Rally/ photo by Red Bull content

T. Neuville's crashing hopes for the World Championship title, but Hyundai still has it all. 

Friday starts very tricky, because it is clear that the Formula One circuit requires high driving skills. 
Although T. Nuville had a chance of becoming the WRC 2020 champion the SS4 of the Monza Rally said a very loud "no" to his Hyundai car as well as to all his hopes. Although other drivers of the Hyundai team came to fight. D. Sordo and O. Tanak proved once again the advantage of the Korean World Rally Team in the production of the WRC 2020. Spanish driver did a great job leading the drivers list at Friday.

WRC Rally Monza
WRC Monza Rally/ photo by social media

Driving to survive: Two accidents and cancellation of the SS10. 

This Monza Rally will be remembered as the game "Drive to survive." 
Here is the main reason - is the weather conditions. As the weather was against the drivers at all. Ole Christian Veiby and Gus Greensmith had an accident at the same place during the SS10. The stage was cancelled. 

WRC Rally Monza
WRC Monza Rally/ photo by Social Media

Elfyn Evans and last attempt to get ahead of Sebastien Ogier. 

Starting to get the most out of his Toyota rally car, 
Elfyn Evans made the breakthrough and kept the lead. His chances of winning the WRC 2020 title poured fuel on the fire. But sneaky road on SS11 said "stop" to his Toyota rally car very clearly. British driver loses the road and at the same time loses the dream to become the 2020 World Rally Champion. Even if Wolf Special Stage still has a small chance, S. Ogier and J. Ingrassia have almost understood what Toyota car needs.

WRC 2020: Monza Rally
WRC Monza Rally/ photo by Social Media

Despite or for good reason: S. Ogier and his WRC 2020 tittle. 

Sebastien Ogier has never been mistaken twice. 
Traditionally, if his weekend starts very badly, that means that he will go from fast to very fast, as his driving skills improving very fast, despite rally racing conditions. So it happened at this Monza Rally. French driver understood in what way his Toyota rally car works very fast, get the maximum out of it since Saturday. So he came out on top ahead of Dani Sordo in SS14 before Sunday comes. And proved it on Sunday at the Power Stage. 
The attempts of E. Evans to fight back were unsuccessful. S. Ogier won the Monza Rally WRC 2020 and also became seven times World Rally Champion. 

Great idea to see these wild monsters on the Monza Formula 1 circuit, but maybe rally cars are too aggressive and need more asphalt on the track, or stages on the track were too short. Today, these rally savages offer amazing speed and proved that they are equally good on the track and off the track, but the forest is their natural environment.

Best congratulations to Sebastien Ogier and his co-driver J. Ingrassia, we sharing this special moment with French driver. Also million rally fans are happy for Hyundai proves again WRC 2020 title in manufacturer's challenge. 
WRC 2020: Monza Rally
WRC Monza Rally/ photo by Social Media

Mads Ostberg comes a WRC2 world champion, Jari Huttunen is a world champion of WRC3. In FIA Junior WRC this title comes to Tom Kristensson. Congaratulations! 

Taisiya Lavi

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