Why does everyone sure Sergio Perez Red Bull’s driver – a good idea?

Sergio Perez Red Bull 2021
Officially: Sergio Perez Red Bull driver

Sergio Perez Red Bull driver! This news came as a joyous shock even to all Formula 1 fans. After the first race win at the Sakhir Grand Prix, it was almost clear that this would be the last minute of glory for the Mexican driver. We will remember the bitter and sweet taste of the celebrations in Bahrain for a long time. Sergio Perez’s future was without a contract in 2021. 

He was sure that there would be no hope of a seat on the Red Bull F1 team. Logically, the Mexican should join Alpha Tauri. What has changed? Why are people sure that Sergio Perez at Red Bull is a good idea? Maybe he was in the right place at the right time?  Here are 5 things to clarify.

Sergio Perez Sakhir Grand Prix
Sergio Perez Sakhir Grand Prix 2020

Formula 1 driver with good racing experience and the high expectations of Red Bull. 

Checo Perez is a talented F1 driver with  ten years of driving experience. 

It is no secret that Sergio Perez is a talented driver. His endurance and tenacity in the race are also noticed by the current F1 drivers. If Racing Point Team could not appreciate Sergio’s talent, Red Bull did. They have someone to compare with. 

Red Bull F1 team needs drivers with experience.

Alex Albon, after all, given all the possibilities, still cannot drive at the level of Max Verstappen to get the most out of the Formula 1 car. It is all about experience, because Sergio Perez has been driving in Formula 1 since 2011. Alex Albon became a F1 driver only in 2019 year. 

The team finished the F12020 season in second place in the Constructors “World Championship, so still has high hopes of competing with Mercedes AMG F1 in 2021. Red Bull F1 Racing Team, for its part, needs a strong driver who will bring all these ten years of driving experience to improve the car.

Sergio Perez Mexico
Sergio Perez Mexico fans/ photo by Planetf1.com

It’s not a personal thing, it’s just a business.  

Mexican sponsorship. 

You want to believe in fairy tales, even if it looks like a fairy tale. Despite Sergio Perez’s Red Bull history, it has other reasons for business partnership. Sponsorship in Formula 1 is one of the key points. Checo Perez has a million fans from around the world and a national hero at home. Meanwhile, Mexican entrepreneurs are willing to support his representatives at Formula 1 races. 

Red Bull current drivers
Max Verstappen and Alex Albon

Sergio Perez and his Mexican fans.

Thus, if Racing Point has enough money to continue the business in a good way, Red Bull team needs more money to provide the best car.  Also Sergio Perez Red Bull driver is a guaranteed to the F1 team new fans from Mexico and also a good advertise for their products, it’s a mutually beneficial partnership.

Why not join the Alpha Tauri F1 Team? 

In any case, it would be logical to see Cheko in an Alpha Tauri suit, but with time, this option is no longer so simple. Unlike Red Bull Racing, Alpha Tauri can hire rookie drivers as a subsidiary team to improve the team and the car. Alpha Tauri is a frame smithy where F1 drivers work for the team. While Red Bull is ready to take pole and win the races, Max Verstappen needs a really strong teammate.

Sergio Perez Red Bull 2021
Sergio Perez on Social Media

It turns out that Sergio Perez has fulfilled all the necessary requirements of Red Bull Racing. Unless we are talking about a rivalry with Max Verstappen, but this was also discussed behind closed doors of the team. People are sure that Sergio Perez Red Bull is one of the good ideas. Besides, it is the best opportunity for Checo’s career next year. Was Sergio Perez in the right place at the right time? Yes, without a doubt! But only because of his hard work racing, his skills and his belief in the future.