Nikita Mazepin Instagram Story may cost him Formula 1 seat

Nikita Mazepin Instagram Story
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Nikita Mazepin Instagram Story went through the whole social media world within hours. Notes on indecent behavior of a Formula 1 driver. Remarkably, that Nikita Mazepin has signed contract for 2021 year, got a part of the Haas F1 Team just over a week ago. Although today team forced to make a new statement. What gives us the right to ban Nikita Mazepin Instagram Story and his new contract in Formula 1? 

Attention, read until the end before drawing any conclusions.

What’s so special about Nikita Mazepin Instagram story?

The young Russian rested on the ride in the company of friends. After a while, he puts his hand on female passengers breast. She raised the middle finger. Mazepin captured: “She ‘s the best.” Generally, Nikita Mazepin Instagram Story has nothing special that needs our attention, just the one “if.” That means it’s not our thing, but if he wasn’t a public person, a Formula 1 driver, but thousands of people follow him and his Instagram Story.

Why do people pay attention and make a statement #Mazepinout ?

Formula 1 is a top-level sport with a million fans from all over the world. It offers the best Grand Prix, needs high quality standards and a mature personality. Formula 1 drivers have no right to behave badly towards women, to demonstrate a lack of education and to show it to the world through social media or other streaming.

Nikita Mazepin Instagram Story
Haas F1 Social Media

What statement did the Haas F1 team make?

No one doubts that the team bosses were ashamed and tried to calm the situation down, but it is not working as well as it should.

Why does the Haas F1 Team not terminate the contract with Mazepin?

Formula 1 drivers have good sponsors, and in any other situation they would cancel the deal with the driver because of disagreements that ruin the reputation. Nikita Mazepin’s main sponsor is his family, which is a beneficial collaboration for the Haas F1 Team.

Nikita Mazepin Instagram Story
N. Mazepin Instagram

What can the story of Nikita Mazepin teach us?

It is very good if your family supports you and you have free time to have fun with friends. You also have time to post everything on Instagram. Because the self-made driver would work until the last hour to get the maximum out and be ready for any challenge. For example – Nico H├╝lkenberg. 

Besides, a driver like Max Verstappen will carry on the reputation for the future.

That way you can draw your own conclusions, and what should have happened almost happened. Nikita Mazepin has publicly apologized, but it isn’t that something to “learn” from, it’s something that should never have been done.

Attempts to call Nikita Mazepin a Formula 1 driver as failed as trying to say he’s the most talented of the other drivers. One I can say he’s young and rich, but perhaps that’s all we can say about him.