F1 drivers: The Most Reasonable vacant seat for Checo Perez

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F1 drivers line up is almost ready: not so long ago, the official entry list for Formula One 2021 was published. 

Contrary to expectations, only two Formula 1 teams have seats on TBC. Meanwhile, Mercedes AMG F1 Team has announced Valteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton both for the next Formula One 2021 season. Although Lewis Hamilton still has no contact with Mercedes. Continuing the racing career in Formula 1 – is the cherished dream of Mexican driver Sergio Perez. How is it possible to find the best way for Checo to bring his racing talent and what is the most reasonable vacant place for Perez?

F1 drivers
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Formula 1 2021 entry list 

Alfa Romeo F1 Team has signed contacts for their two drivers: 
here are Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi will continue to represent the honor of the team. Renault F1 driver contracts – are not subject to review. Especially Esteban Ocon will need as strong nerves as more driving experience to be in the form of Fernando Alonso to represent the Alpine F1 team. Aston Martin F1 Team – is almost brand new pinky Racing Point. Laurence Stroll has no hesitations about his F1 drivers: Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll have both signed contracts to appear in new green colors for the 2021 Formula 1 season. 

McLaren F1 will have one of the tightest knit teams. 
Daniel Ricciardo will try on the new suit, while Lando Norris will share the best jokes within the team. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz: both drivers signed contracts for the Scuderia Ferrari to represent the pride in red colors for Italian Tifosi. Nicolas Latiffi and George Russell will continue to improve their work for Williams F1. Mercedes AMG F1 Team stated that both drivers Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton. World cmapion does not have a signed contract. Does Checo Perez have a seat for F1 2021 season?

Will Checo Perez stay
Mazepin, Perez, Ocon/ Racing Point 2019 

Option No. 1: #MazepinOut and why is it important for Checko?

Although the loudest Nikita Mazepin Instagram story is coming to an end, Formula 1 fans are still calling for Mazepin to be banned from the Haas F1 team. 
However, so many journalists and bloggers support the move as it is not profitable for Haas. According to official sources, Mazepin’s family paid around 20 million euros for the seat, but the negative impact will increase the Haas F1 team’s bad reputation. Checo Perez has every chance of replacing Mazepin with good social media support, and here’s why. Checo Perez meets the high quality standards of Formula One drivers as a person. Here, Haas F1 bosses will not have to be ashamed and spend hours and days making a good statement to the public. 
Also, Checo Perez has good support from Mexican sponsors. Maybe not as much as Mazepin, but Mexico with its sponsorship is one of the most interested in motorsports. Here, people love racing: Formula 1 and rally and yes, they love Checo Perez!

Nikita Mazepin Instagram Story may cost him Formula 1 seat

Will Checo Perez stay
Checo Perez and Max Verstappen

Option No. 2: To be part of Red Bull Racing. 

When this rumor started to circulate? 
Checo Perez won the Sakhir race, the Mexican driver stood on the podium and filled the emotions. Millions of fans around the world understood – this could be his last race ever. It broke his heart. Also, how huge his talent should be that he continues to drive fast and very persistently even after the Covid 19 infection. 

Signing a contract with Red Bull Racing and being a teammate of Max Verstappen is the most likely option of Checo Perez fans, but it does not look good for the current F1 drivers.  
Max Verstappen needs a good and fast driver as a teammate. This driver should also be a docile person, but Checo knows what he wants, Perez needs the win. Alex Albon is the one who is missing in this story, but not the last. Checo Perez’s successes devalue Alex Albon’s driving experience. He is the current Red Bull driver, after all, but he cannot keep up with Max Verstappen.
Will Checo Perez stay
Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly, Belgium GP 2020

Option No. 3: Alpha Tauri F1 Team compromises. 

Just a month ago, Alpha Tauri was ready to sign a young Yuki Tsunoda, but when all the preparations were complete, something went wrong at the same time. 
Young F1 drivers always need time to get the most out of the Formula 1 car. So Checo Perez can realize his best driving experience and save Alpha Tauri time. Checo is ready for fast races. This scenario is most likely. Red Bull is a first-class F1 car, but they have Max Verstappen and he works well with Alex Albon. Pierre Gasly also needs a good team-mate. Someone who is really fast, someone from the current F1 drivers. So with all his talented driving experience and Mexican sponsorship money, Checo Perez is the first candidate for the Alpha Tauri F1 team.

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Yuki Tsunoda

It looks like Sergio Perez will join Alpha Tauri, but one thing is quite clear: Mexican driver will get a place in Formula 1 2021. Meanwhile, Nico Hülkenberg is still the most anticipated candidate on the F1 entry list 2021