F1 crashes overall: How much did Formula 1 teams spend in 2020?

F1 crashes
by Autosport.com

In the century of high safety, F1 crashes look like minor damage to a racing car and can be repaired very quickly. As with Max Verstappen. He crashed on a reconnaissance lap prior to the Hungarian Grand Prix and damaged the front left side of his Red Bull, but his team managed to complete the repairs before the start of the race, it took about 30 seconds.
 Normally, but not always. F1 drivers are highly paid athletes, they driving the most expensive machines. What could be more expensive than a Formula 1 car? Maybe a spaceship? In the meantime, not many people know that even a small damage could cost space money. That’s how much Formula 1 teams spent in 2020

1. Romain Grosjean Haas F1 – 4.2 million
2. Alex Albon Red Bull Racing 2.2 million
3 Lance Stroll Racing Point – 1.9 million
4 Carlos Sainz McLaren – 1.3 million
5.Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo – 1.2 million
6. Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing – 1.1 million
7 Nicolas Latifi Williams – 1.1 million
8. DAniil Kvyat AlphaTauri – 1 million euros
9 Charles LEclerc  Ferrari  – 955 thousands euros
10 George Russel Williams  – 850 thousands euros
11. Daniel Riccirado Renault  – 840 thousands euros
12. Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo  – 830 thousands euros
13. Kevin Magnussen  Haas – 810 thousands euros
14. Sebastian Vettel  Ferrari  – 800 thousands euros
15 Pierre Gasly  AlphaTauri  – 475 thousands euros
16. Valtteri Bottas  Mercedes  – 400 thousands euros
17. Sergio Perez Racing Point – 380 thousands euros
18. Lando Norris McLaren  – 360 thousands euros
`9. Esteban Ocon  Renault  – 310 thousands euros
20. Lewis Hamilton  Mercedes – 260 thousands euros

Expensive a lot, considering that there were not full races of calendar 2020. Could perhaps say Mercedes Amg F1 is the most reliable car, while the team with a not huge budget like Williams F1 cannot afford to pay a million for crashes.

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