Abu Dhabi GP: 5 post-race resolutions for the end of the Formula 1 season.

Abu Dhabi GP
Mercedes AMG F1 cars Abu Dhabi finish

Abu Dhabi GP was going so fast that it’s hard to imagine there won’t be a Formula 1 next weekend. Anyway, after the Dubai Grand Prix, we can draw five post-race resolutions after the final race of F1 2020 season

McLaren p3
McLaren P3/ Photo by Social Media

1 McLaren’s breakthrough.

This would not have happened if Checo Perez had not problem with the engine. The Mexican stopped his Racing Point car without seeing a chequered flag in his final race. I In this way McLaren F1 team ending the season on third place with 202 points in the constructors “standings. This position is very important for Mclaren, which means the pace has been increased.

Checo Perez
 Checo Perez Abu Dhabi GP

2. The persistence of Checo Perez, which must be seen in Formula One.

Checo is very persistent during the race and has everything to keep winning. Everything except the car and the contract for the next F1 2021 season. Day by day there are more and more rumors that Perez will get the place at Red Bull Racing as the successor to Alex Albon, but these are just rumors. Although all F1 teams have submitted application forms with drivers for the F1 2021 season. Only Red Bull Racing and Alpha Tauri have places on TBA. Maybe Helmut Marko is still thinking about Checo Perez’s candidacy?


4. F1 cars have no expiration date.

During the Abu Dhabi GP race weekend, Fernando Alonso proved that the Formula 1 car is ready to provide the most speed. And almost being in the time of the current F1 cars, even if it is a 2005 car, Reanult R25 with V10. Spanish driver was less than two seconds slower than Nicholas Latifi, who started on the back row in Saturday’s qualifying. This can match Lewis Hamilton’s fastest lap of 1: 39.2 minutes at last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Abu Dhabi GP Driver of the Day
Max Verstappen Abu Dhabi GP

5. Max Verstappen is always ready.

While Checo Perez proves his right to stay in the Formula One 2021, Max Verstappen shows once again that he has fuelled his motivation. Red Bull driver is one of the few who did not lose his energy at the end of the Formula One season 2020 in Abu Dhabi GP. Thus, for example, the Scuderia Ferrari drivers were very poorly represented, even the cars delivered good speed. S. Vettel and C. Leclerc drove without resistance.

Anyway, Max Verstappen won the Abu Dhabi GP, congratulations! Lewis Hamilton was not in his best racing form because of negative Covid-19 consequences.

Abu Dhabi GP
Driver’s Championship
Abu Dhabi GP
Driver’s Championship
Abu Dhabi GP
Constructor’s championship

The final event is F1 testing day after the Abu Dhabi GP is on 15 December. It is also very important to see when all Formula 1 teams will present official drivers for the F1 2021 season.

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