Gifts for Rally fans: 7 ideas that inspire you.

WRC Rally fans
WRC rally fans/ twitter

Gifts for rally fans.


The World Rally Championship has millions of fans from all over the world: different genders and ages. 

That’s not for nothing! The best WRC rally cars pass every conceivable and non-urban test. True tests: physical for the drivers as well as endurance for the automobile. Why is that? The gifts for rally fans should be absorbed by all the WRC energy and spread rally atmosphere.

  • Gift Ideas Under $30 – Traditional Gifts for Rally Fans
  • Gift ideas under $50 – Gifts that are useful and doubly profitable
  • Gift Ideas Under $100 – Gifts with Rally Driving Feel and Real Experiences
  • If you have no idea what to give a rally fan.
WRC Rally fans
WRC rally fans/ from Twitter

WRC shop online.

Today, WRC officials offer a lot of rally merchandise, WRC clothing and a large number of accessories with legendary logo. 
Although, the more choices you have, the fewer opportunities you get; when you start to choose something worthy you end up with no idea what you are looking for in the official WRC store at all. I will simplify this way for you to find the affordable gifts for rally fans. Maybe you go to the other online stores after this post, doesn’t matter.

Price Question: Gifts for…

I ranked all WRC merchandise in three categories by price: under $30, under $50, and gifts under $100. 

It doesn’t mean that last are better than ideas under $30, because what kind of feelings gift evokes matters more than how much it costs. 

Gifts Under $30

Traditional gift for rally fans

The mug with the WRC logo is a traditional gift for all rally fans: bracing coffee in the morning and soothing green tea in the evening, meanwhile rally memories come alive in the best way. It could be the mug with the favorite WRC team logo: like Toyota or Hyundai. I would like to have it in the traditional rally racing colors black and green, but you can choose any other in a different WRC shop.
Gifts for Rally fans
WRC shop 

WRC Mug, average* price – $20 


The gift is the little thing.

The gift is the little thing. Small things that have a special WRC’ sense or sweet rally memories are another good gift idea. The main pros are about the price, the main rule is to give one best, but not many. Remember this throughout the Black Friday period. I prepared this good example for you. Maybe it’s just the keychain, but this look is coming back  me with the best part of the WRC rally car- racing wheel.
Gifts for Rally fans
WRC shop



WRC Logo Rim Keychain average* price – $12


Gifts under $50

The that is useful and necessary.

With what things do you have rally racing associated? Power, energy? Here’s another gift idea in the WRC shop. Travel adapter that one of the things you might not realize, but the whole world stands still while no power when this needs so much.
Gifts for Rally fans
WRC shop

WRC Travel Adapter average* price – $47


The Gift With Double Win

Even when it comes to “making gifts for fun,” it has to make sense for rally racing and still motorsport racing. It’s the most important thing you need to know about gifts for rally fans. Another idea is for kids – Alpine WRC Muffy Earmuffs. Why is muffy earmuff? Because it’s just as vulnerable as many noisy situations like race tracks, fun with music, but also very suitable for home education, teaching, zooming, etc. Here’s the double prize, but it’s just an example of a few new gift ideas. The black and white in the official WRC shop looks more stylish, but the items with something similar can also be found in other WRC shops.

Gifts for Rally fans
WRC shop
WRC Muffy Earmuffs average* price – $30

Gifts under $100

 Rally driving feeling as a gift.

Nowadays, technology offers the best opportunities to get involved in the rally racing atmosphere. It’s about game consoles like Xbox, Playstation: graphics, sounds, gameplay are improving day by day. What’s special about a gift for a rally fan when it comes to a game? Games, especially Deluxe Collection, are a chance to convey the driving experience that someone gets from playing in video games.
  • The game
  • A collector Steelbook (metallic box)
  • A 3months free access to WRC+ All Live
  • 3 historical cars as in-game bonus
  • A Career Mode boost.
Gifts for Rally fans
WRC shop

Also you can find similar box for xbox. 

WRC 8 Deluxe Edition PS4 Game average* price – $71


Gift idea for rally fans – real experiences

Another idea is to give the emotions, which can be given to all family or company friends. Of course, the rally can not only be held in Monaco on the streets of the city, but we can also do it at home with different models in the scale 1: 43. “Ice Rally Cup” is the slot racing set. The main professionals will involve many people, very current at family celebrations. As an idea, you can look at another game for family.
Gifts for Rally fans
WRC shop


WRC Slot Racing Set – Ice Rally Cup average* price -$71


The gift of choice if you have no idea what to give a rally fan.


Sometimes the extreme case comes when all ideas are finished and all imaginary gifts are given. Gift cards and vouchers just come for this situation. The most important rule before handing over this card is to consider the cost of additional services. In the official WRC shop, this card could have different denominations: 10, 25.50 and 100 euros, but the price does not include shipping. If someone gave me a WRC gift card on 10 or 25, I would have to spend the same or half of the gift price on delivery.
Gifts for Rally fans in WRC shop
WRC shop



WRC shop’ Gift Card price: €10, €25, €50 and  €100

As you can see, it is not hard to choose the best gift for rally fans. Although it takes time for good research, but your mission can be considered complete after. Knowing what to give means that the 80% of the gift selection “task is done. Hope this post will help you to save time in the future. 
*Gifts from official WRC shop official, have average price, because it could be changed during Black Friday and any other sales time. Note stated costs do not include shipping costs and other possible expenses.