F1 qualifying duels: you can forget about sleep after that difference

F1 qualifying duels
F1 season 2020/ photo by Grandprix.com

F1 qualifying duels are becoming a specific battle with the same pressure as the race for pole position at the Grand Prix. Somewhere the difference is huge. Although F1 2020 season is almost over, I suggest you look at a very interesting statistic recently published by "GPblog."

Mercedes F1 Team:  Hamilton 9-4  Bottas

Lewis Hamilton on average 0.218s faster over thirteen sessions

Red Bull Racing: Verstappen 13-0 Albon

Verstappen on average of 0.613s faster over thirteen sessions.

Renault: Ricciardo 12-1 Ocon

Ricciardo on average 0.272s faster over thirteen sessions.

McLaren: Sainz 7-6 Norris

Norris on average 0.013s faster over thirteen sessions.

Racing Point: Perez 8-2 Stroll

Perez on average 0.060s faster over ten sessions.

Ferrari Leclerc 11-2 Vettel

Leclerc on average 0.460s faster over thirteen sessions.

AlphaTauri: Gasly 11-2 Kvyat

Gasly on average 0.342s faster over thirteen sessions.

Alfa Romeo: Raikkonen 7-6 Giovinazzi

Raikkonen on average 0.062s faster over thirteen sessions.

Haas F1 Team: Grosjean 7-5 Magnussen

Grosjean on average 0.054s faster over twelve sessions.

Williams: Russell 13-0 Latifi

Russell on average 0,700s faster over thirteen sessions.

Maybe the difference in F1 qualifying duels between Red Bull drivers is predictable for 13-0, while it is hard to imagine what goes wrong. Vettel's Ferrari: 2 against 11 Leclerc. Same 13-0 status comes in the Williams F1 team. Williams has no competition at all, both drivers have the same opportunity to show the best drive.

Full information on GPblog

Taisiya Lavi

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