Top facts about F1 helmet. What is its value?

Bell Helmets F1
Bell Helmets F1 2016 collection
Formula 1 driver’s helmet is made of high-quality carbon. The same one used in manufacturing of Boeing 787′ wings and some part of fuselage. It will pass dozens of different tests before getting into the racing driver’ hands. Also F1 helmet it’s an opportunity for creativity, best way for driver’ passion self – expression by good design. Despite this the most important function of any helmet is head protection. 

What makes F1 helmet?
How long is F1 helmet making?How strong is F1 helmet?
Each F1 helmet must pass three required tests
How much does F1 Helmet cost?
How can I buy F1 helmet?

The F1 helmet saved the lives of drivers for many times. In 2009 Felipe Massa was hit by a spring that tore off the rear suspension of Barrichello’s car, this accident occurred at 240 km / h. How much does F1 helmet cost and what else we have to know about?



What makes F1 helmet? What is the process?

It begins since Formula 1 driver arrives at the factory, his head is being scanned,  The dimensions are necessary, cause the helmet should fit around the head and securely hold in racing.  Moreover, no foreign sounds do not get inside, because drivers have a steady connection with the F1 team in boxes. Besides the communication, a water supply pipe is also attached to the helmet.
S. Vettel Helmet
S. Vettel Helmet design for Abu Dhabi GP 2019 

How long is F1 helmet making?

The process takes about 3-4 months excluding time for design creation. Although these two process comes together.


Mercedes AMG F1 team helmet
Social Media MercedesAmg F1 Team 

How strong an F1 helmet?

The helmet body is so strong that can endure the car weighing by 1.5 tons.

Formula 1 driver’s profession is a risking, cause there is opportunity to get into an accident in racing every time. Therefore, F1 helmet must resist blows from the front top, and back sides. For these helmets have real surviving testing at manufactury.
Lewis Hamilton special design
Lewis Hamilton special design helmet/ Social Media 


What tests an F1 helmet have to pass?

  1. Future Formula 1 helmets will be thrown to the ground from a height of 25 metres and tested for strength with special electronic equipment.
  2. Another part of the tests is that about 4 kg of “pike” cargo is thrown on the helmet, while the helmet contains a head model weighing 5 kg. Even if there are the slightest dents, the helmet is prohibited..
  3. One of the necessary tests concerns the visor of the helmet: it must withstand the shot of a gram bullet flying at a speed of up to 323 miles per hour. Shooting takes place at three points: front, top and back. Such experiments are carried out by the masters of the company “Bell.”

What temperature F1 helmet withstand?

Good F1 helmet endure 830 degrees for 30 seconds, at the same time the head model in helmet shouldn’t be higher than 70 degrees.
Pierre Gasly Helmet
Pierre Gasly Helmet

How much does F1 helmet weigh?

It’s the different number, but the standard is about one kilo, four hundred grams.

How much does F1 Helmet cost?

A new F1 helmet without a pattern costs 3400 euros, with a pattern – 4500 euros. But this is not the end of pricing. Collectors buying used F1 drivers helmets on special auctions. But the most expensive (sold at auction) is the helmet of  four time F1 Champion, Sebastian Vettel, in which he won his home victory at the Nurburgringo Grand Prix 2013. The buyer paid 72,100 pounds.
S. Vettel helmet for 72,100 pounds
S. Vettel helmet for 72,100 pounds

Can I buy an F1 helmet? (if I don’t have 72K )

Yes! Today you can buy F1 replica helmets, they are much cheaper but they look just awesome, like one in one real. Here is only one question is

Where to wear it? 

But I think you’ll handle this on your own term ☺