F1 Freelance Driver: How Nico Hulkenberg is the New Hotness?

Nico Hulkenberg 2020
Photo from Nico Hulkenberg's twitter
Have you ever heard of freelancers in Formula 1? 
Although this kind of job is a trend nowadays, can you imagine that it will be about the worldwide Formula 1 racing? Ex F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg knows this first hand. Ending his career in Formula One in 2019 not only left a good impression on the fans, but he is back in Formula 1 as quickly as Lewis Hamilton has set a new record. 
What do freelance driver services cost? And why does Formula 1 have no chance of being a freelancing vacancy? 

Nico Hulkenberg and Silverstone Grand Prix

The normal working day of a freelancer begins with planning, yoga and breakfast. 
What Nico Hulkenberg did when Racing Point team principal Otmar Szafnauer called his phone on Thursday afternoon, July 30th is history. But the driver was ready to start the race at Silverstone after 15 minutes. 
Nico Hulkenberg 2020
Photo from Nico Hulkenberg's twitter
Sure, after losing his seat at Renault for the 2020 Formula 1 season, Nico's phone was always in "on" mode, and he is also ready to take a wheel at the same moment to replace S. Perez after his Covid-19 positive test. 
Nice readiness! Next 24 hours Nico took the plane to England, fitted seat, get into the simulator for an hour, and went to the race track in the car of Racing Point. This did not succeed, Nico Hulkenberg did not start at the British Grand Prix because of a late technical defect in his Racing Point car. Anyway, it is worth a shot. 

Nico Hulkenberg 2020
Photo by Social Medi

Nico Hulkenberg and Eifel Gand Prix

In this situation, every other freelancer would take the time to think about .....too many expensive steps if the boss would call next time. 
It's hard to start without the same training as the current Formula 1 driver, but it's not about Nico. Nico Hulkenberg's nerves of steel, cause the task to get crazier and wilder, he didn't have 24 hours, only a few at that point. 
This time, the other Racing Point driver Lance Stroll was too weak to take part in Saturday morning practice. Hulkenberg's participation was confirmed only half an hour before qualifying for the Formula 1 Eifel. 
The thing that made Nico Hulkenberg a new Hotness is that he was sitting with friends over a cup of coffee when Otmar Szafnauer called. He finished the call without hurry, got into the car, and drove to the Nürburgring race track with the same face as he had just ended his coffee, as is usual! 
Nico Hulkenberg 2020
Photo from Nico Hulkenberg's twitter
Although this Eifel Grand Prix was different and Nico Hulkenberg had no time to practice, he drove an unreal race: Starting 20th, the German hit into the top ten and finished the Formula One race in eighth place, became the driver of the day. 
This result is amazing because Formula One drivers need time for real racing. That's why this profession will never be freelancing. For now clear that Hulk had every possibility to reach a higher finishing position if he had the time to practice for the Grand Prix of the Eifel. 
Nico Hulkenberg 2020
Photo by Paddock Club F1

What do F1 freelance driver services cost? 

According to the six-time Grand Prix winner Ralf Schumacher, Racing Point paid Hulkenberg about 500,000 Euros. 
Of course, it is not about ten million like some current Formula 1 driver, but still, a good profit if you have no idea what you will do a week ago. 
Now Nico has the chance to take a wheel for Red Bull Racing F1, but as the German driver said, a very small chance. But I think Hülkenberg has proven by his freelance work that he deserves the place in Formula 1 for real races. He has done it without any virtual racing challenges, just came saw and conquered

Taisiya Lavi

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