WRC Rally Turkey 2020: what will we see?

WRC Rally Turkey 2020
WRC Turkey 2019

Next stop – Service park’s location – Asparen 

It seems as if we have only just started, only two weeks have passed since Estonia, but the Rally Turkey is already waiting for us! Since the end of June, the FIA has allowed the organizers not to comply with the 300-kilometer rule. Therefore, Rally Turkey will not so long. Let’s go!

What is to be expected? What will we see? 

There will be a short sprint with 12 special stages and only 223 km. But what a sprint! Despite the format, the roads of Marmaris are very treacherous! Sharp rocks and dust wear down the WRC very fast and make the competition for rally drivers to endurance.

The way to drive carefully and wait for the problems of the leading drivers will not work, every second is important because there are fewer special stages.
Less kilometers means fewer rocks, so punctures and punctures are also less theoretical. We’re running! And God forbid, it rains because then we’ll slide like skiers! Last year’s winner S. Ogier’s average speed was only 80.7 km / h.


So let’s look at who will be the winner of the Turkey 2020 Rally? Accept your bet!  
WRC Rally Turkey 2020
WRC Turkey 2019

Which rally driver should we look up to?  

Our masters of rally sports are already preparing for the unpredictable Rally Turkey. While fans are ready to make bets, S. Ogier is among the top favorites. No doubt all eyes will be on his rally car and our ears will hear all his comments along the way. However, the starting position of the Toyota driver is not the most profitable. Hyundai’s driver Ott Tanak still remembers the sweet taste of victory in Estonia. I will vote for S. Loeb, who will take the 3rd Hyundai car. Mr. Loeb, however, does not have much experience with the Turkey Rally. Overall, my vote goes to S. Ogier

WRC Rally Turkey 2020
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When? WRC Rally Turkey 202
0 livestream*  

Friday 18 September

9:00 Shakedown
17:00  SS1 ICMELER  
18:21  SS2 GOKCE    

Saturday 19 September

08:50 SS3 YESILBELDE 1  
10:00 SS4 DATCA 1 – WF2 
11:06 SS5 KISLAN 1  
14:50 SS6 YESILBELDE 2  
16:00 SS7 DATCA 2 – WF3  
17:06 SS8 KISLAN 2  

Sunday 20 September

07:30 SS9 CETIBELI 1 
09:00 SS10 MARMARIS 1 – WF4  
11:10 SS11 CETIBELI 2  

**local time

Where to watch Rally Turkey 2020? 

As usual, we have to meet on WRC all Live, link here