Why Lewis Hamilton has an army of haters as huge as his crowd of fans?

L. Hamilton
L. Hamilton/ photo Twitter

Six-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton is an important person, both on and off the racing, in the paddock and at the fashion show. He is the hero of the meme as an important "voice" on social media. His greatness is on top of that. Although his ideal reputation, Mercedes AMG F1 driver has a lot of hatred. It makes you think that something went wrong at one period. Where was that wrong?
 Let's try to find out, only if the case isn't Nico Rosberg's involving, of course.

Lewis Hamilton has an army of haters
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How could he did like that! Haters from the past. 

To be honest, everyone has hatred from college, university, the boring old industry or... especially the residents who look at you with a kind of jealousy.

Lewis Hamilton has carved out a notoriety as Formula One's number one driver since his career ended at Mercedes AMG F1 in 2014 when he had no best friends among Formula One drivers.

I see you blink twice, Nico Rosberg smiles somewhere... it's all his fault. He made our Lewis the superstar of 2013 - until 2016. After tons of nervousness, battle of psychologies, Lewis Hamilton emerged a stubborn Formula One driver and at the same time harvested a lot of hate.

Everyone should understand to be a real Formula 1 champion is not enough to come to Christian Horner and say "I am definitely a champion, this spicy is on my blood, so put the championship title right here on the table" No, it doesn't work like that. F1 World Champion's title goes by real battles at racing circuits. I forgot to warn you, sometimes those can be cruel and unfair. Doesn't matter how talented the driver, he should race at 100 percent, and give everything, put all his natural qualities. That's how we'll know he has champion spicy blood. 

Hamilton and Bottas
Hamilton and Bottas

Lewis Hamilton is too stylish for being a Formula 1 driver!

Lol, every motorsport fan knows all famous F1 drivers have special charisma:
  • D. Coulthard had a very strange reputation among the journalists. 
  • We never could imagine what Mark Webber can say or opposite do nothing at the press- conferences. 
  • Russian Formula 1 fans still thinking that Kimi Raikkonen is originally Russian, just hide it. 
  • Charles Leclerc became the new face of GQ magazine. 
Lewis Hamilton demonstrates his culture his life values by his clothes, style. The same way we doing every day.
It's like the subway when someone looks askance on you. Also here on the podium, not everyone agrees with Lewis' behavior, and haters become more for several million when case about staring F1 on TV.  By the way.

C. Leclerc GQ
C. Leclerc GQ 2020
L. Hamilton GQ
L. Hamilton GQ 2019

Lewis Hamilton isn't good enough like C. Leclerc for example!

Oh, common, he's looking very good. He's a beautiful man, has attractive facial features and great athletic shape. If I had some fearlessness I write him messages every day, if my boyfriend agreed with this thing. 

Lewis Hamilton
Social Media

Lol, everyone can be Formula 1 champion, having a champion car! 

I feel like walking on the edge with this. And even if I say, "So why won't V. Bottas isn't champion?"-  then eggs with toiled paper will fly at me. In all fairness when Lewis Hamilton gets into difficult situations, he behaves like a real racing champion, it's in his mind. Just look at the breakthrough on F1 Italian GP!  

Probably, Formula 1 world champion's records scare us, those become more and more every week. Just think, who could replace him? Yes, time will pass and there will be a new F1 star, but what should happen to break Lewis' records? 
  • Do the drivers need to get a sports license at 15 years? 
  • Or, are there should be for 1/3 more races per F1 season?  
We realize it's harder to beat him and let's be honest, it makes us hate. Just like that nerd student in every class who always gets "A", no matter what happens.  We just start to hate him for how good he is. Clearly?

L. Hamilton GQ
L. Hamilton GQ

Why does he get so much money?

 Everyone knows that Lewis Hamilton is rich, few people know that he is fabulously rich, and someone knows that six world Formula 1 champion is doing charity. But how much money he spent on new sneakers or which house ( in which of) he lives, what cars he drives, those questions are very interesting to everyone. Clearly that he can get everything that allowed in the world and even not allowed too. This news has irritating many people during the world financial crisis. People would love to live that life, we don't know what the difficulties will be, but when you compare the salary of a young Formula One driver to that of Lewis, it becomes a bit insulting.

L. Hamilton for Hilfiger
L. Hamilton for Hilfiger collection

Let him be active, but should everyone listen to him?! 

Normal people are going to Bali, while, Lewis Hamilton has been taking the trash from the ocean. 
Normal people are watching the championship, while Lewis Hamilton is fighting wildfires. 
While every driver is getting ready to start the race, Lewis is on his knee in an action against racism.

Against Racism action F1
Against Racism action F1

Being emotional, he's able to tell a little bit more than people allowed to and then delete the post from Instagram, but the powerful Instagram remembers everything! Lewis Hamilton does it cause he has all the opportunities to speak openly about his own values, interests. And yes, this is his way of life, he tries to share values with us, with everyone without exception. 
Different people understand it in different ways: his words are order for Mercedes F1 Team as a challenge for drivers. 

L. Hamilton Instagram
L. Hamilton Instagram

What type of Lewis Hamilton we need? 

I think you're agreed, we would like to see more humanness in the world F1 champion, natural human problems!  We need that Lewis Hamilton with whom you can sit in a bar and drink beer, talk about life, about women. But, Lewis doesn't drink and rarely talks about women. Moreover, he won't go to an ordinary bar, only to a fashionable, expensive one.

This part of his life is hidden from us. Here is so perfect on Instagram or TV screen, but we know there are no superheroes. Lewis Hamilton is not loved by more and more people because he becomes the most invincible Formula 1 champion and a person who is far from ordinary people.

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