What makes a rally driver like a PRO? Turkish cheat sheet

WRC Turkey
WRC Turkey  


The World Rally Championship is the top place of driving skills.
To drive through asphalt, gravel, snow, ice, and stones, it is not enough, rally drivers have to do it at high speed.
The Turkish round is a clear example. All rally drivers come here not only on the basis of recommendations. Only the talented sportsmen took their places on Rally Turkey stages.
What makes a professional from a rally driver? 


WRC Turkey 2019
WRC Turkey 2019

  •  Racing tactics on rally stages 
A good rally driver follows tactic, in the case of the pro, the race tactic works for him.
Traditionally in Turkey, the most useful plan “A” looked like is waiting. Logically, the unpredictable Turkish Rally’ SS prepared us to be ready; to wait for something to happen… with drivers at the top of the WRC timetable.  Plan “A” was the main plan for Junior WRC2, although rally special stages were quite short. Pro rally drivers looked up the race tactics with one eye and felt like “let’s get the most out of this iron” have been pressing the gas pedal down. T. Neville, O. Tanak, S. Ogier. E. Evans risked the top of their skills and kept all the limits into the racing helmet.
O. Tanak WRC Turkey
O. Tanak WRC Turkey/Champions don’t give up, never

  • Drop down and take the wheel back into your hands! 
The rally driver’s formula is: “A lot of speed, logic, a lot of physical training, and a bit of empathy.
A gearbox is off, something is wrong with the engine! Oh, what’s again – he asks? He can sit down and get upset during the race day, but a pro can’t.
The formula of the rally is: “No matter what happens, drop down and get back behind the wheel“! These guys will tell our Molly Pettit that “it was tough and disappointing.”
Don’t believe it! 
Pro rally drivers already plan their podium through every SS of the Rally Turkey.
They design their own limit under the racing helmet. Especially do not trust their rally co-drivers, they’re cunning ones… That’s why we don’t see their interviews after the SS on WRC All live; they’re already working on pace notes. S.Loeb told us that he does not have high hopes for this rally… you have to keep that in mind.
S. Loeb WRC Turkey 2020
S. Loeb WRC Turkey 2020

  • Rally endurance 
We have often heard “stones, dust, heat” during the race weekend.
When a rally driver talks about it and you see this atmosphere doesn’t bring him the greatest pleasure, that’s what you could read by his face. Pro rally driver says: “Yes, but I am okay.” A little more and we will know which section of the SS road has sharp stones and where the flat rocks are, even if we have not passed all Rally Turkey together. Pro looks like a rallying Mowgli, who grew up in a rally car in the middle of the forest.
Who cares + 40 and -40 degrees Celsius!
The pro is so hardy that he cannot lose control of his concentration even if sweat pouring out of his face. He is not fatigued by the weather and the boulders the size of his rally car do not scare Pro rally driver at all. S. Ogier knows about stones.

  • Racing concentration 
Looks like there is something nicer here in Marmaris and surroundings than a sip of cool victory champagne on the podium.
And now the coveted prize in masks and gloves is in your hands. Meanwhile, the WRC All live team is asking you to answer the question: “What is the secret of your breakthrough“? But, what is it really?
Marmaris area
Marmaris area/ Rally Turkey


Many talented WRC drivers had thought about it at least once during this rally weekend.
Everyone except him, pro didn’t have time to dream about it, even at night he doesn’t close his eyes because he concentrated on the best time records. What a champagne when you can win a lead of 0.000001 seconds!  This thought had haunted him throughout the race weekend in Turkey. He gets into the mood and enjoys it, he’s attracted by not the viewing of the Marmaris area. He enjoys the heat, the clammy dust, and the glittering stones, the smell of fuel oil, and the roar of his rally car.
Agreed? Why yes, why not? 
WRC Official
WRC Official
I congratulate Elfin Evans, Scott Martin, and Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC Team with this great victory, you are worth it! Congratulations to the Hyundai WRC team, I have never seen such teamwork and human unity anywhere else. Thank you @RallyTurkey, it was wonderful, you are unpredictable!