F1 tickets on desert grandstands: Is it worth to buy?

F1 tickets
Photo by TV6 news

Covid-19 pandemic made changes to Formula 1 calendar, to schedule, to regulation, to all aspects of F1 races. The main key that related today is about races without spectators, about empty stands.

Time goes by and while the whole world continues to struggle with pandemic 2020, all F1 fans have been waiting for the restrictions to be lifted to see favorite F1 drivers again.
And that’s right, literally right with one caution-if it’s being safe.
What we’ve right now in Formula 1? During the celebrating his 156 podium, Lewis Hamilton calling F1 fans to wear masks and keeping safety measures. Meanwhile, Checo Perez returned to the wheel after two weeks since his coronavirus’ test showed a positive result in the paddock. Strict restrictions continue to being applied: it’s about social distance for 2 meters, masks, and constant testing.
Despite these first hints, F1 tickets on some Grand Prix are selling openly. In my case, it’s about the Russian GP that will be held on September 25-27. During F1 live streams on TV ads make people hurry to buy these, cause discounts and promo will end on 23 August. 
F1 tickets
Sochi GP 2021

September, as well as October, is very close but the whole world pandemic problem hasn’t been solved yet. There is a lawful question – for why to sell F1 tickets without correct information? Will F1 grandstands are full of fans if these looking like deserts right now? As much I motorsport fan, as more I want to see any real Formula 1 race with one caution-if it will be safe for everyone.

In addition to general recommendations about masks, gloves, social distance, and attention to health, there is information about meetings and groups events, according to Message sent to permanent Delegations to UNESCO on coronavirus (7th. May) 

No more than 10 people should be present in a closed room. No more than 50 people for Russia or less than 50% of the total number of spectators.

F1 tickets
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So, here we’re talking about Formula 1 which means not the same crowd in front of South Coast Plaza during the sales. Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend is about tens of thousands of fans: 30 – 32 thousand on Sochi GP. Moreover, 2/3 of them are residents of other cities and countries.

Can F1 organizers in Russia or Portugal or any other country provide full safety for everyone? It’s about keeping enough of masks, gloves, and sanitizers when drivers and teams aren’t only one at the racing circuit. It’s about keeping a social distance when different families and different people ages are on. 

I believe that there is no need to take risks, at least until mid-November, although if the situation doesn’t change now, what could change before the end of the year?
At one time Bernie Ecclestone suggested just cancel F1 season 2020. After a while, now we can say that this is still a cruel, but partly correct decision. Racing stands should be empty until there is a 100% guarantee of safety, the rest is just half measures.
F1 tickets
F1Experinces web

You can also find F1 tickets selling on Portugal and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the official F1 Experiences website. There’re been selling tickets and special packages for travelers and fans, with guarantees (special terms). But, besides this one, many other organizations distributing tickets to F1 races. Today, during the entire crisis, a hundred dollars is not the amount that you can just give and forget.

This message is exclusively informational and doesn’t call for any action. Just be reasonable, love racing, take care of yourself.