F1 Hungary qualifying: Racing Point on P3 and P4

Racing Point on P3
pic by F1.com

F1 Hungary qualifying: Racing Point on P3 and P4. Is it legal at all?

Formula 1 is that type of racing that never stops to wonder. This is the third race during the third week, but this is not all.
While Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team cannot hit McLaren cars speed, Racing Point has just a second behind Mercedes AMG F1 (would it seem so?) 

Racing Point on P3
My cup of coffee almost fell out of my hands and toppled over on the carpet when I've seen the results of FP1 Hungarian Grand Prix weekend. There is a reasonable question "How?" (after "What was it?")

Racing Point

Let's go back to the racing origins. 
While we were all using antiseptics and keeping our distance from other people, Mercedes AMG Team Principal and CEO, Toto Wolff, and Laurence Stroll had shorting this distance during the pandemic time. You can read about it here.
There is no smoke without fire, well, this car can't go so fast during so little time.

Racing Point
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One could discuss anything, including how to conquer Formula 1 (who would not dream about it?!) But this is also not all. If everything is true as it is, there is another question-is it legal at all? I suggest you watch a video and draw your own conclusions. 

Meantime, I ask you another question ( I have a lot of questions today), if this Mercedes AMG 2019 Racing Point car is legal, why Williams F1 didn't do the same way, and not for 2020, but at least a year ago?

Taisiya Lavi

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