Austrian Grand Prix just like we'll remember this

Taisiya Lavi July 07, 2020

History is made on Austrian Grand Prix

But no one F1 fan can stop the emotions. This unconventional Formula 1 race we waited for 7 months and it was worth it. Non-traditional Grand Prix with its own atmosphere, sometimes dramatic, we will remember this for a long time. And here is why:

Message against racism

F1 fans had used to the fact Formula One is also "a little bit" of show. The atmosphere became even hotter on Thursday; the air smelled of changes and something completely new like everybody knows there will be something unpredictable.

Formula 1 celebrities cannot remain on the sidelines when it comes to global issues. It was obvious that something was going to happen at Red Bull Ring circuit. This started a few weeks before the Austrian weekend. Attracting attention to problems is the right thing to do.

Wanted or don't, Lewis Hamilton was drawing the attention of F1 fans to the problem of racial injustice. And not only in his Instagram posts. As a result, Formula 1 has contributed to the fight against racism. On the day before we knew Mercedes AMG F1' both cars color changes: from silver to black suits for L.Hamilton and V. Bottas too.

Let's go back to Thursday. News that caused one of the loudest F1 fans' reactions. Formula One drivers agreed to get "down on to one knee" action against racism, as some motorsports sources told. But as it turned out later – not all F1 drivers or they had a bad connection among.

K. Raikkonen, D. Kvyat, A. Giovinazzi, C. Sainz, C. Leclerc, and M. Verstappen are standing. But don't think badly, I'm sure they are all against injustice with all their hearts. Later, Lewis Hamilton will say that the most important thing is not the action, but the true desire in the heart. Lewis, we support you from all heart honestly, you're on the right way.

L. Hamilton and undeserved punishment, the end of Red Bull Racing's Austrian hopes.

British driver couldn't allow Red Bull F1 team's dreams to take the podium place to come true. Here is why he didn't share Austria's roadbed and met Alex Albon in the turn by clashing. L. Hamilton loose podium after a penalty for +5 second. This incident is still being debated by all motorsport fans. Leaving the prickly jokes aside, look at, and draw your conclusions.

H. Marko will add: “Whether he finishes second or fourth, what’s the big difference? But our race, he completely ruined it.” 

It wouldn't be so unpleasant to lose the winning place and give it to those who are further down the checklist. But the case is that Max Verstappen got off, his car couldn't pull out the pressure of the Austrian' heat of passion.

Norris' milky power. 

Lewis Hamilton got his 5 seconds and trying to keep the emotions with his "caused collision' penalty. Meanwhile, there's no one who could imagine that Lando Norris winning seconds will be enough for podium's place on the Austrian Grand Prix.

A little more and L. Hamilton would 've been in 3rd place. Whether the case in milk that L. Norris drinking or in infinite intuition, but his last lap's time was enough to outrun.

Even if Lando Norris didn't make the record as the youngest podium finisher, but this is his first pole. We congratulate him! Viva!

The surprise effect by Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team. 

This was a gift of fate that happened so quickly, that even we nearly forgot to note it during everything at the Red Bull Ring. 
"It feels like a victory today. We have been struggling from the beginning of the weekend. We had luck in this race with the Safety Cars, crashes, penalties but at the end we stayed on track". 
"To have a second place with the performance we had all weekend is something I would never have expected".

Things in Ferrari F1 Team weren't looking good, like is from the word "not happy at all". News about the M. Binotto and S. Vettel conversation, the termination of contract due to the coronavirus were so unsuitable. Rumors made to leave the "all together" spirit from F1 team. Then, when no one was hoping for anything, Charles did finishing second, second for a minute! We don't think anyone expected this from Ferrari at all.

Almost luck for N. Latifi 

We've seen so many different Formula 1 career starts. This time, N. Latifi was indeed only one place away from points and it was his first Austrian Grand Prix. Looks like the luck went to Ferrari's driver C. Leclerc. We congratulate Latifi with Formula One's baptism of fire, wishing the first points! Gib-Gib Hooray!

Break time's difficulties 

No matter how long-awaited Austrian Grand Prix was, the break time did its own job. The cars weren't ready for the Red Bull Ring as the people too, just the consequences of self-isolation. Let's start in order. This is exactly what a Red bull fan couldn't imagine in the worst dream - M. Verstappen's car did out the battle. Alfa Romeo F1 Team couldn't adapt after "long race's waiting" too. The wheel of Kimi Raikkonen's car just didn't stand it. Haas F1 cars were self removed for both cars, for which received a scolding from Gunter Steiner. We don't know exactly what happened in reality, but both the F1 cars and drivers were chewed up after the race. We can say only "you will get the second chance", and keeping fingers crossed for next F1 points places.

What else?

We also have new graphics and completely empty stands, and of course a new F1 awarding ceremony. Seems that we've already seen everything on this Austrian Grand Prix. What else makes us wonder again at this race track? But that was not the case! This weekend one promised rainy! Do not forget 10th July.

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