World RX calendar 2020 updated: August’s start

World RX calendar 2020
FIA World Rallycross Championship

In theory, August is that time, when the World Rallycross Championship should have been held in Germany, namely at the Nurburgring. This racing year a lot of things went wrong: to be short – all plans had failed.

Therefore 2020 World RX will start to race in August and not somewhere but in Sweden – 22‐23. 
Now we have 8 races, 3 stages less: South Africa (CapeTown), Norway, and Russia were removed from the racing list. The last one is particularly hurtful because we had high expectations for the Russian round at Igora drive. 
World RX calendar
Igora Drive

As you know if there is a gap, something will fill it, World Rallycross championship goes on the same way: racing losses were compensated. This year Finland won’t accept Thousand Lakes rally but will shelter World RX race, as added to the calendar 2020. 
World RX calendar
FIA World Rallycross Championship
What about Germany’s RX round? It will close the year- December 11-13.

22‐23 August Sweden Holjes
29‐30 August Finland Kouvola
19‐20 September Latvia Riga
2‐4 September Belgium Spa-Francorchamps
9‐11 October Portugal Montalegre
16‐18 October Spain Barcelona
30‐31 October United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
11‐13 December Germany Nürburgring