Le Mans 24 hours virtual race promises to be a world premiere and we can’t miss out

Le Mans 24 hours virtual race
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Le Mans 24 hours virtual race

The annual Le Mans 24 hours is the greatest sportscar race. It’s so grandiose endurance event, that when first said that Le Mans race 2020 is canceled, it sounded like motorsport is over for this year.

Just a little and We were ourselves crying. We all know about Lando Norris’ twitch live streams, I’m pretty sure you saw GP Formula 1 Virtual Grand Prix, but who would have thought that one of the greatest of endurance races would be as the virtual race too?

Le Mans 24 hours virtual race
Le Mans 24 hours virtual race

How long is the 24 Hours of Le Mans?

From the first news Le Mans race will start as a virtual race we thought it was a joke, Our first thought was “How’s it possible to spend 24 hours behind the joystick (steering wheel?)? It’s bust at all. Our knowledge about Motorsport virtual driving experience or Iracing a little bit far from good. Anyway, Le Mans in June will start on Saturday 13th at 3:00 pm and yes, it will finish on Sunday 14th at 3:00 pm (Paris time)!

Le Mans virtual is organized by the ACO, FIA WEC, and Motorsport Games, and this is the first time, teams made up of a combination of professional racing drivers and esports champions will challenge each other at famous Circuit de la Sarthe! The most extreme test will be broadcast live on TV across the globe. Do you know what it means? This will be a real one of endurance races, the challenge of virtual driving experience and now no one can screw up.
Therefore, these 24 hours promise to be interesting. And here’s why:

1 Full time.

Even if drivers won’t be racing full 24 hours, but they will be driving for 3 hours at least as it is written on Le Mans Virtual’ rulebook! Such time spending behind the game wheel is not like on that virtual race we’ve seen before, agreed?

Le Mans 24 hours virtual race
Le Mans 24 hours virtual race

How long do Le Mans drivers drive for?

Minimum driving experience time per driver in the race will be 4 hours (240 minutes), as the maximum race time per driver in the race will be 7 hours (420 minutes) and may not drive more than 3 hours within a 5 hour period. Only Le Mans race- only hardcore! Going back to virtual rules!

2. Sporting regulations of virtual sportscar race.

The second thing that came to my mind, was “Is everyone can get the place behind the wheel as a Le Mans driver?” Any driving experience? Our knowledge about virtual motorsports games is equal to D if we would be at school. But we aren’t at school and not so obvious in this place!
Virtual race drivers must pass 5 races at the highest level moreover, each team must contain at least 2 professional drivers with an International FIA license or equivalent!

Le Mans virtual race main keys

  • The event will be run on the rFactor 2 platform which offers:

Driver changes
Dynamic weather*
Dynamic day/night transitions
Multiclass racing (LMP and GTE)
Damage will affect a car but damage can be repaired in a pitstop
Car will be driveable but may not perform as well as at the start
Full simulation includes the use of fuel and tyres
Teams will work to create their own setups to optimise performance
Teams will be selected by a committee from the virtual race organisers

Le Mans 24 hours virtual race
Le Mans 24 hours virtual race


The weather settings will be applied in confidence and won’t be shared. As with the real-life 24H Le Mans race, weather can often play a part in the changing and evolving strategies throughout the race, forcing teams to adapt

  • The selection committee have the ability to refuse the participation of a driver who’s ability is deemed to be insufficient.
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse any team name, logo, livery or driver nomination for any reason.
  • The driver needs to have the International FIA licence holders must also have registered at least 5 races in high-level competition with the decision on eligibility to be determined by the organisers at their sole discretion.

By the way, you can look at the full list Le Mans 24 hours virtually race with Test races schedule here.

It seems that you and already saw, something similar. Does it remind you of anything? Do you remember how hard it was to get a driving license at Gran Turismo 6 game?


Who will drive on a virtual race?

3. Drivers.

Definitely, we would never see such different racing stars together if not all of this virtual story. How about this?

Le Mans 24 hours virtual race
Le Mans 24 hours virtual race

We think even Elon Musk was surprised. We mean, can you imagine the team like this at the real track in Le Mans race?

Le Mans 24 hours virtual race
Le Mans 24 hours virtual race
Maybe this one team?
Le Mans 24 hours virtual race
Le Mans 24 hours virtual race
Or, what do you think about these le mans drivers?
Le Mans 24 hours virtual race
Le Mans 24 hours virtual race
We’re not. Probably, this virtual race needs another star – Lewis Hamilton?

Let’s just imagine always changing weather conditions, the difficulties of virtual sports car driving, and all sorts of nuances, like the Internet connection!

Well, just buy chipsies and popcornies, this 24 hours Le Mans race promises to be a true world premiere, this time the organizers have no right to screw up, it’s the true greatest FIA WEC challenge!I’m sure this Le Mans win will be historical. Look at this video, it will be a unique race!

Like here are slippers and pancakes with coffee on the table, but still we’ll in Le Mans 24 hours race when the time ever we have the opportunity to see sportscar race like this?