Confirmed Formula 1 2020 schedule vs Bild’s version

Formula 1 2020 schedule

Formula 1 world championship is coming back to life. Just a month ago, various official racing web magazines presented different assumptions like when F1 will start and how the F1 2020 calendar will be looking like. All of these turned into a kind of lottery, everyone put forward his own bids.

April 27th German Bild published its own version Formula 1 2020 schedule, did refer to own reliable authoritative sources in Formula1 paddock. This one was the most unprecedented.

Let’s compare? At the same time, let’s see how reliable sources Bild has in Formula 1’s paddock.

That bet included 17 races.

1.2. Austrian Grand Prix-July 5 and 12
3.4. British Grand Prix-July 26 and August 2
5,6. Hungarian Grand Prix-August 16 and 23
7. Azerbaijan Grand Prix-September 6

8. Singapore Grand Prix-September 20

Let’s stop at a point with my country, cause confirmed only 8 races. It needs to say, isn’t clear whether Grand Prix will be in Russia or not at all. However, it doesn’t stop t the organizers from having fun to sell tickets for the same date as it was before.

Formula 1 2020 schedule

Let’s look at the confirmed Formula 1 2020 schedule:

1. July 3-5         Austrian Grand Prix
2. July  11 -12   Austrian Grand Prix

3. July 17- 19 Hungarian Grand Prix

4. July 31 – August 2 British Grand Prix
5. August 7-9 British Grand Prix

6. August 14-16 Spanish Grand Prix
7. August 28-30 Belgian Grand Prix
8. September 4-6 Italian Grand Prix.
9.  September 11-13 Italian Grand Prix. (Mugello)
10. September  25 – 27 Russian Grand Prix

These are the first 8 races, full Formula 1 calendar will be including 15-18 races completing the season in December. It means F1 will be finalizing the details of the wider calendar and publish it very soon. All the races will be supported by Formula 2 and Formula 3.

Formula 1 2020 schedule



It seems that Bild’  journalists have a very good working intuition, or someone needs to step it up in Formula 1 paddock’s club, cause it looks like someone is leaking information?