You haven't seen this: Another good formula 1 movies compilation

Taisiya Lavi May 16, 2020

Quarantine time turned out to be quite difficult: it seems that we read everything about formula 1 and watched all  Formula One movies, moreover all cars movies. Fortunately, it isn't true. I found another good set of Formula 1 movies for our race at-home challenge. So, before Formula 1 season will start, I suggest you look at this. Anyway, I just leave it here, definitely be interested to see.

Good Formula 1 movies

Mechanics of Creativity. 

Let's begin at the documentaries f1 films. What is the racing team means? It's a family of talanted people. Formula One superstar David Coulthard went to Cuba for meeting with the most creative mechanics in the world. 60,000 classic cars on Havana’s streets, and David Coulthard race through  Havana’s historic neighbourhoods in a 1955 Pontiac. The mix of ingenuity, passion, and creativity, one of Formula 1 movies one should see.

Two 2 Four Wheels. 

Do you ever ask yourself: is it possible that professional athletes transfer from one sport to another successfully? How difficult is it to do F1 racing? The answer in this no longer Formula 1 racing movie Two 2 Four Wheels. Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa and motocross champion Tony Cairoli will show how well their skills on two wheels translate to Formula One.

Ground Effect

That special case, when one decided to show more than just about Grand Prix". How many iconic race tracks do you know? Probably you'll say about Monaco Grand Prix, but how much do you know about Mexico? Legendary racing track with its own million fans, atmosphere, spirit, and finding the way back to F1 in this short Formula 1 racing movie.

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The History of the Pit Stop

How important the time of Pit Stop's time?  One of the most impressive aspects of Formula One, it means "the win" for the whole racing team sometimes. The History of the Pit racing movie gives the chance to see how incredible feats of teamwork come together, and what it means for both drivers and crew. Although, thanks for the great F1 cars views.

ABC of F1. 

If formula 1 ever becomes a subject in school, wich was named as "Motor Racing", then this series will be the answers to the exams. The basic and brilliant base of knowledge from the terminology, to the heroes and drama of F1: about F1 racing, f1 fans, f1 drivers. One of that formula 1 movie your non-F1 friends will change to pure fans!

If you know other good cars movies and f1 films for our best race at home challenge, leave a comment, or send me your top on email.

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