WRC calendar 2020 updating: easy simple, virtual

WRC calendar 2020

WRC 2020 championship is unique, we can call it as one of the most virtual for WRC. Although it comes about all Motorsport races in 2020. I can’t remember when last time I’ve watched so many replays, live streams, and virtual racing in a few months. But, comes a time when you still want to know – when the next race will start?
WRC calendar 2020
WRC Mexico 2020 by wrc.com

Here is another reason why we can call WRC 2020 virtual. It seems that his year we are waiting for another 5 WRC races, and a total of 8 rounds for the whole year, сonsidering that WRC monte Carlo 2020, Mexico and WRC Sweden 2020 passed. Seem that WRC 2020 championship is too short? According to WRC 2018 schedule, we’d got 14 rounds, and 13 for WRC 2019 calendar.

WRC calendar 2020
WRC Sweden 2020

Finland’s round will start, not in August, but in September. Turkey, Rally GB 2020, and Germany will be next in WRC championship 2020.

Sardinia doesn’t give up to its place in any way and fights for the right to be on WRC calendar. Moreover, weather conditions in Italy are very good for rally racing at the end of the year. Anyway, during WRC news come, Motorsport provides this version.

WRC Official version
WRC Official version

If there is talk of such a state of racing, then we risk getting one of the most “simple” rally racing championships. In fact, nothing can replace Safari Rally and New Zealand rounds, which were the diamonds in the 2020 season.

Safari Rally archive 

Raly New Zeland archive

Anyway, it is what it is, the most important thing is that everyone is healthy and keeping safe, and I hope you are too.

UPDATED: All planned WRC rounds were postponed, besides Mexico, Monte Carlo and Sweden. Updated information about WRC 2020 schedule here.