Unconventional Guide to rally racing

Guide to rally racing
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How to get into rally racing?

A rally car attracts the attention of everyone on the road, even the most sophisticated spectator wondering by the view and sound rally racing. One knows a lot of books, movies about rally racing, sometimes it seems that this article always hasn’t enough posts. Who can you be indifferent about it?
Today let’s see the main questions about rally racing.


  • What is rally racing?
  • What makes a rally car?
  • How to get started in rally on a budget
  • Rally cars on a budget
  • How to make a rally car
  • Advice for new drivers
  • Rallycross vs rallying

What is Rally Racing?

Rallying is the ultimate endurance motorsport. It is a race against the clock on closed-off public roads.

FIA World Rally Championship is the largest rally sanctioning body that sees drivers, co-drivers and manufacturers racing in modified cars over closed-off public roads. The races feature drivers racing at breakneck speeds, plowing through mud, ripping through sand, flying over jumps and narrowly sliding through the trees of a dense forest. With plenty of excitement and danger, WRC is one of the most watch motorsports in the world, no wonder.

WRC races are unique compared to other forms of motorsports as they don’t use a circuit format of laps but rather a point to point format. Also, the races themselves take place on a natural terrain course. This means that navigation is an essential part of the sport.

But the navigation is not the only part that makes a good rally car. WRC Rally cars are engineering marvels designed to tackle the rough terrain and thrills of a rally. The cars themselves are built to a spec that is set by WRC. This spec not only makes the cars durable and safe but enables them to tackle the challenges of rallying.


WRC Challenge has millions of fans from all over the world. I know people were so inspired by rally racing, so someone went to learn to be racing engineers, someone has rally car driving as the hobbies.

How to get into rally racing? 

Here are some points to get into rally racing:

  • good rally car,
  • enough’ budget for racing,
  • excellent driving skills,
  • pieces of knowledge,
  • patience..
Of course, there could be more points because to do rally racing and do it successfully is about many different steps, and the luck is more than just important.  Although let’s stop on the main – “rally car”, what it is about it and what budget variations could be found.


Guide to rally racing
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What makes a rally car?

WRC Rally vehicles must have a minimum weight of 1190 kg, a wheelbase of 2511 mm, a length of 4085 mm and a width of 1875 mm. All WRC cars are powered by a turbocharged 1.6L inline-4 engine with direct injection that unleashes 380 horsepower.
All rally cars also use specialized adjustable suspensions that allow them to tackle a variety of terrains. These suspensions can be lowered during stages on pavement and raised during the off-road portions of a race. What’s the example, you ask?

An example of a rally vehicle

The Toyota Yaris WRC is built to WRC specs and enhances them with an intelligent 4WD, the Yaris’ finally-tuned aerodynamics help it race through the wind. The Yaris also utilizes three different types of tires for diverse terrain (gravel, pavement, and snow). Toyota designed the Yaris so that its ride height and lights can be quickly adjusted for different terrain for different stages.
Guide to rally racing



To buy “all ready” WRC car is a mission possible for Tom Cruise only. As you already know the average price of a good rally car about 1 000.000USD. Full prices and car parts for sale here.

Guide to rally racing
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How to get started in a rally on a budget?

Anyway, a good driver can get started in rallying without breaking the bank. All beginners are purchasing an older FWD drive vehicle for cheap. The reason is the rallying beginning is going to bang around the car quite a bit. Here are rally cars as a vehicle to get started.

Rally cars on a budget: 

  • FWD Ford Focus,
  • Honda Civic,
  • Toyota Celica,
  • VW Golf,
  • Volvo 240 or Mitsubishi Galant RV-4
There are very popular people looking for. Also, you can look at this helpful video about rally cars and how to get into rally racing on a budget.


Here are a few things that recommended to rookies will do.
  • The first thing is to upgrade the new vehicle the brakes and safety features. People who know about rallying is advising heavy-duty brake kit and a roll bar/racing harness. 
  • The next one is mildly upgrading the suspension and tires. 
  • The last one is engine parts. Though speed is essential, it’s safety, traction, and handling that wins races.
If you have got two left hands it’s doesn’t mean to broke with the dream. There is always ‘Plan B’


Guide to rally racing


How to make a rally car: teaching.

Another way to save money is to perform own maintenance. If you aren’t mechanically inclined, begin with simple tasks such as oil changes and filter replacements. When you start attending events, network with other drivers. They may be able to teach you how to complete more complex tasks.
 There is a long working with rally car: it doesn’t matter is it budget or pretty new beauty. But here is good news: the day after day spending on rally racing you’ll get new experiences and will improve your rally skills, even if you’ve got two left hands, don’t worry.
If you’re doing everything well, your banking checks spent on car parts and your hands in engine oil, but there is still no luck. What to do? Just take a deep breath a do not despair! Just believe you’re not only one in this way and think about this.

Rallycross vs rallying

A good recommendation to new drivers is to start in Rallycross versus rally racing. Rallycross is similar to rally racing, except the drivers are the only ones on the track. It’s a pure race against the clock. This means there is less risk of a crash and gives new drivers a chance to learn the ropes before moving into more competitive racing.
You can check for events in your state or province, visit the local sanctioning bodies such as the SCCA (US) or the FIA (Europe) in your area and attending a few events in person to get an idea of how events are conducted.
Of course, when the quarantine will be passed, just #RaceAtHome till this time 
It’s good to dream, but setting the highest goals is even better. Rally racing is one of the most exciting types of racing. But as one of the most difficult ways, there is no guaranteeing about success, even with 200% efforts.
Anyway, everyone who is started rally racing one day is admitted, it’s worthed to try.