When will Formula 1 resume: 2020 or 2021?

Formula 1 resume
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The coronavirus pandemic is almost stopped all world motorsport races, with Formula 1, FormulaE and WRC among them. While the whole world is waiting for the situation is changed, FIA experts trying to predict the future. Another negative factor is unclear prospects: we know what F1 races were postponed, but we don’t have a clear vision of when the Formula 1 races will resume.

Sure, the safety of people, the health of everyone is more important at this moment. But let just imagine how many people behind the autosport, how much fans from different countries are being waited for races. I did collect some points of view on this situation.
The conclusion is yours, but let’s suggest a little.

How it begins, a few moments before. 

19/03  Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix 2020, Formula 1 Gran Premio De España 2020 and Formula 1 Grand Prix De Monaco 2020  postponed.
20/03 The Dutch and Spanish Grands Prix have been postponed and the Monaco Grand Prix canceled due to the global spread of the coronavirus.
22/03 Baku GP canceled.
22/03 Races in Bahrain, Vietnam, China, Netherlands are postponed
07/04 The Canadian GP has officially joined the list of postponed 2020 F1 races as the COVID-19 crisis continues to impact sport worldwide.

What did Bernie Ecclestone say? 

 “There’s a million different things. I said we should stop the championship this year and start again next year hopefully.

“It’s impossible to get the right amount of races in that would count for a championship. It needs to be eight races from memory and I can’t see them getting that in.

“Even… let’s assume that you could do a deal with the promoters and they’d say, ‘Okay, we’ll run basically behind closed doors’, and come to some sort of financial arrangement with them to do that, you’ve then got to worry about will all the teams be able to participate.

“They might say, ‘Let’s see’. So, it’s no good somebody putting on a race and spending all the money to put that on and then the teams say, ‘Well, we did tell you we couldn’t confirm, and we’d have to tell you later’. It’s too late then, so it’s a difficult situation.”Bernie Ecclestone for “Mirror

Formula 1 resume
Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone has a huge influence, he is the face of Formula 1. It is important to hear the authoritative person’s opinion in these difficult moments. And yes, he’s right, as the business question – to stop all races until next year would be the most correct decision. However, as for logistics, it would be possible to organize very soon.
The FIA understands the situation best.

What did FIA say?

Following unanimous approval by the Formula 1 Strategy Group, Commission and all teams, the World Motor Sport Council has ratified by e-vote the decision to extend the Formula 1 shutdown period from 21 to 35 days, to be taken in March, April and/or May, for all competitors and Power Unit manufacturers,” the statement from the FIA reads.

Formula 1 resume

When will Formula 1 resume? Chase Carey official comment

 “While at present no-one can be certain of exactly when the situation will improve, it will improve and when it does, we will be ready to go racing again. We are all committed to bringing our fans a 2020 Championship Season,” adding: “we and our partners fully expect the season to start at some point this summer.” F1 CEO Chase Carey 
About the authority position. Chase Carey doing his best in this pandemic chaos near Formula 1. His position is pretty clear. This article isn’t so easy, I read a lot of F1 fans comments after Australian GP cancellation and needs to say about good communication from F1 CEO. Probably you see they do as much as it is necessary to stabilize the situation. 
Chase Carey comment (Australian GP cancellation speech)
The main question is how many races will we get in 2020? 
The current aim is to stage between 15 and 18 races in 2020.

What was done? Formula 1 assistance in the fight against COVID19.

  • F1 confirmed 50 per cent of staff have been put on furlough – a period of enforced leave that sees 80 per cent of wages up to £2,500 per month subsidised by the UK government – and will remain so until the end of May.
    Senior staff who were not put on that job retention scheme are to carry on working after taking a voluntary 20 per cent pay cut.
  • Seven teams including Aston Martin Red Bull, McLaren, ROKiT Williams and Mercedes-AMG Petronas have joined a manufacturing consortium that aims to ramp up production of ventilators to 1,500 units a week.
    Mercedes F1 engineers help make a breathing aid for coronavirus patients in less than 100 hours.
However, those messages suggest that everything is serious in Formula 1 and around the world. It’s clear that F1 races wouldn’t be allowed until September.  Although there is still an official positive point of view. 

When will Formula 1 resume? Ross Brawn official comment

“I think by freeing up the August break, we give ourselves several weekends where we can have a race,” 
“And I think we can build a pretty decent calendar for the rest of the year”,
“It will look different, but it will still preserve a good number of races, and they’re exciting races. So the season’s going to start later, but I think it will be just as entertaining.

Formula 1 resume
F1 managing of motorsport Ross Brawn for Sky F1

Everything is ready to support the world’s situation and reacting instantly to motorsport racing resuming. Answering the main question “When will Formula 1 races continue” there are 2 ways of scenario. Of course, it’s not about two or three months. 

In first alternative, we will be waiting for the good changes until the summer. This extension will be used as the preparation time, so Formula 1 races resuming in autumn: in the middle of August- September. 
The second alternative seems not so positive:  accounting the world economic crisis, Formula 1 races resuming in the 2021 year. 
I think you have some suggestions too. Leave the most interesting on the comment. Thank you, take care.