How fast do F1 cars go: 5 time records

How fast do F1 cars go
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When one says Formula 1, people keeping “speed” and “fast” in their minds, even those who’ve never seen a race. Formula 1 cars will always be associated with the highest class of automobile manufacture.

Getting the answer to “How fast do F1 cars go” let’s remember the f1 cars launches. It always seems that beauty and the fastest speed are already achieved here, but this is not the case. Preseason testing shows that there is no limit to perfection and speed records. The fastest F1 car is like a secret formula of speed, the huge magic combination of several settings at once.


How fast do F1 cars go
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How fast are F1 cars? What’s the fastest F1 car? Let’s try to find a good answer. First of all, let’s determine where are F1 cars do fast? Is it at the racetrack or just line testing? 
In theory, straight line’s conditions are artificial, there are many different things that can be impossible for an F1 car in its own intended purpose – to racing. 
However, if the question is “How fast do F1 cars go” is about ultimate speed, then let’s remember an interesting Formula One project in 2006: the quest for 400km/h (248.5mph). 
It was an FIA-sanctioned F1 Bar Honda testing in the Mojave Desert. 
There FIA Medical Car driver Alan van der Merwe ran of 400.454km/h!

He failed to repeat it on the return, although hit 413.205km/h during all time the testing. At the end of the event’s week was set F1 record – 397.360km/h, just a few until targeted 400.

How fast do F1 cars go
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But it’s pure potential, let’s leave this for the future and move on to real racetracks.
So as you already guess the average interval of fastest speed is 350 – 370 km/h. Let’s look at top 5 of the fastest f1 cars.
P1. In 2016 Valtteri Bottas reached F1 world record speed during practice on the streets of Baku. Finn hit an incredible time at the wheel of Williams F1 car(Mercedes) – 378.035 km/h**
**The same year on Mexican Grand Prix, Valtteri Bottas with his Williams car reached top speed, but FIA’s official monitors showed the record, however, FIA hasn’t accepted it yet as the official record, the car’ speed was –  372.54 km/h, 

P2. This F1 fast car speed’ record had been holding up for 11 years. In 2005 Kimi Raikkonen seated the fastest time on Italian Grand Prix, his McLaren MP4 (Mercedes) hit  370,1 km/h.***

How fast do F1 cars go
McLaren MP4 (Mercedes)

***Same racetrack, same fastest car, but another driver. The unofficial record to the fastest speed, on Formula one tracks, belongs to Juan Pablo Montoya. FIA recognized the record as the fastest speed ever on F1 tracks, but it wasn’t set during an official race, but the testing. 

 He recorded 372.6 km/h. 


P3 In 2004 no one awaited the fastest time from Williams F1  at Monza, but Antonio Pizzonia had big hopes and the best cars setting knowledge, this helped him to get his Williams (BMW) as the fastest f1 car – 369.9 km/h. 
P4. The F1 fastest car history can’t be written without Michael Schumacher. He is the king of racing time. (#KeepFightingMichael). Whats car, you probably say? Although you already know. that was Ferrari, Michael Schumacher hit amazing time on Italian GP in 2003, at Monza his car ran 368,8 km/h.
P5.Despite the fact that 2001 was the disappointment for Jordan, Jean Alesi ending his career, but entered again his name into F1 history by new achievement. His Jordan(Honda) showed amazing fastest speed at Monza – 363,2 km/h.
How fast do F1 cars go

However, if do not go into details about the fastest Formula 1 car, but look at history. The beginning of 2000 was the new era starting. The history of speed begins with Adrian Newey became in McLaren in 1998, he is that speed genius who showed us how fast do F1 cars go.

This year young David Coulthard accelerated Newey’s new MP4 to new fast time on Germany GP, there was first — 356.5 km/h, but this is true another story.