F1’s Esports racing as the alternative only if:

F1 Virtual
F1 Virtual

Alfa Romeo Racing
E-sports racing is an independent type of motorsport and a good alternative to real racing (at this time). There were over 170 thousand viewers on Bahrain Virtual GP on Sunday. I don ‘t think anyone expected such numbers: before the weekend many fans were agreed such racing isn’t the same F1 racing and this hasn’t the same interest.
However, Bahrain Virtual GP completed successfully: it was really interesting and unusual and  I’m very happy to say F1’s Esports racing has a future, only if:

PURE Connection. 

Only if the connection works perfectly. How annoying was to see the bot instead of the real Lando Norris racing, his fifth-place – that ‘s what is really epic. The disconnect is an unpleasant thing, but it’s always unacceptable at the E-sports race, so there were problems with connection many users complained about problems and the channel hanging. 
The pure connection is about users and drivers. Let’s go to next. 

WE know the list of drivers in advance.

It is clear that virtual GP was a mega fast alternative, was done as quickly as possible, but “quick” isn’t a good word for it. 
When we’re preparing for Formula 1 Grand Prix, we’ve been carefully watching the practices qualification…. it was difficult for me to get used to that everything is so fast and, most importantly – it’s unclear who are those drivers (or nondrivers) and what’s F1 team they’ll race for? 
Although everyone knew about Liam Payne, I wasn’t the only one who faced this problem, so yes, it’s a problem. We know in advance-who and which tea ( maybe statistic or some information)

F1 Virtual
F1 Virtual

BE UNITED with more connections.  

More connection with drivers. I noticed that F1’s Esports racing has a unique way and feature: it looks easier than real Formula 1 racing competition and more difficult for Formula 1 drivers because they being equated to different esports drivers. In this way calls, web cameras with many other different drivers are an amazing idea, like it was at Esport WRC competition on WRC GB. 
F1 Virtual
F1 Virtual

LESS talking, more racing

If there will be fewer words. Generally, I expected that the presenters wouldn’t do their job good, because it was something brand new, but they did it, and I think some did it better than others. However, sometimes there were so many long conversations that at one moment thousands of people left the live stream on YouTube. 
We are racing fans and used not to talk but to watch races. Otherwise, why there is a race at all?
And if you replace the studio dialogues with drivers connection and their fans… it’s just, sometimes comments on YouTube attracted more attention than the live stream and we are definitely in a new era of autosport, and new technologies at all. Going to the next one. 

The RULES that everybody known.

The idea is really cool! I saw someone commented like “it’s not sim racing at all”  or ” why not all Formula 1 drivers are playing”. But I think someone is just afraid to lose. Perhaps, it’s not so serious, but it’s funny. And it would be incredibly great to see a fan and a real F1 driver like Lewis Hamilton on the same team. What would be a great racing weekend! F1’s Esports racing requires rules and regulations and the last one takes time. Let’s see what’s new will be on the next Virtual GP …Anyway, it looks that some F1 drivers will have additional responsibilities, and at the same time, new stars will light upon Formula 1 glory. 

F1 Virtual
F1 Virtual

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you also follow the safety rules and also playing some racing games, but only at home. Have a nice day!