Martin Brundle about Sebastian Vettel’s best years. Why he’s wrong?

Martin Brundle about Sebastian Vettel
Photo by Sky sport

Not so long time ago Sky 1 commentator Martin Brundle has revealed that he believes that Sebastian Vettel’s best years are behind him. I hope it was just a joke. The problem isn’t that he has a suggestion, but that he has

done it out loud.

I think he’s got the pace, you wouldn’t race him off, and you wouldn’t change him in a hurry for an unknown, but his best is behind him.

It is clear, Martin Brundle is a journalist and says a lot, but I believe that there are some intimate limits, for which speaking out loud isn’t taken. I think Martin Brundle is wrong, I’m writing it for everyone to see, and here is the reason.

What’s the most important thing for a driver, for a Formula 1 driver? For a racer? High speeds? Is it about world records time? First racing places or motor racing’ song of the fastest sports car in the race? All your suggestions are totally right. But I’m talking about support, belief in success.

I’m talking about every racing driver: IndyCar, rally racing, Formula 1, Dakar, doesn’t matter, any racing driver needs people around are believed in his success. Moreover, it’s important for everyone: teacher, shop sales manager, BMW corp CEO, everyone needs the support and belief in his success.

Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton became the strongest because of the people around him. Why is it so important? Because  Formula 1 driver works at high speeds, his work is associated with risk and danger. Motorsport is a closed world of people. And that’s right. Here’s the people are united by faith: in victory, in favorites. 
Motorsport is the one big thing. You can  can assume as many times as you want, but don’t say anything that might shake other people’s faith. Only if it’s not an attempt to draw attention to yourself only. 

I have great respect for Mr. Brundle, though I don’t know him personally. But S. Vettel’s best years are ahead of him, because right now, while we’re talking about it, he’s setting up to winning in Formula 1 racing 2020.