Formula E 2020 Calendar

Formula E 2020

Someone said ” This is the fastest-growing form of motorsport on the planet” and these words are totally right. Formula E fans become more and more in the whole world. After all, this form of motorsport has the key to the question “How can Motorsport be safer for the environment? Modern Formula 1 teams are constantly showing interest to Formula E. Probably, you know a lot of  F1 drivers are performing in Formula E, the most popular: Brendon Hartley, Stoffel Vandoorne and Felippe Massa. And the audience of FormulaE 2020 will have more people.  So let’s look at Formula e 2020 calendar.

18 January 2020 Chile Santiago de Chile
15 February 2020 Mexico Mexico City
29 February 2020 Morocco Marrakesh
21 March 2020 China Sanya
04 April 2020 Italy Rome
18 April 2020 France Paris
03 May 2020 South Korea Seoul
06 June 2020 Indonesia Jakarta
21 June 2020 Germany Berlin
11 July 2020 USA New York
25 July 2020 United Kingdom London
26 July 2020 United Kingdom London

***Dates Formula E 2020 calendar possibly could be changed

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