Ford v Ferrari movie: 5 questions to film director after watching.

Ford v Ferrari movie
Ford v Ferrari movie

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What about you my friend? Do you like it a lot? I know you do. As you see "Ford vs Ferrari" is a very interesting movie and it worth it to watch.  Moreover, I think this film is pretending to be one of the most successful "cultural" racing movies after "Rush". There are drama and good actor's role-playing. Ford v Ferrari cast: Matt Damon and Christian Bale did their job perfect. What's the IMDb - 8.3. 

But there is something that makes me feel strange after watching. I think you'll get the same way too. Ford v Ferrari movie: 5 questions to film director.

1. We saw and we felt the characters and their true love of racing. But those days' events including other people too. Moreover, it's about motorsports legends. Why there is no story about Bruce McLaren? (during the 2h 32min).

2. Le Mans 24 (it's not the spoiler) is the main theme of and it's a really good direction for any racing movie. But why these guys practice at American racetracks? If so, how they able to get a good time at Le Mans (at first time)?

3. Mr. Enzo Ferrari was a really powerful character. Mainly this description from some of the biographies about him. What's special Enzo Ferrari has and what others didn't have?

4. Mr. Carroll Shelby is a legendary person. I'm not so good known about his biography, only that he was auto racing engineer and designer. You'll be wonder, but after "Ford v Ferrari" movie watching I've got the question - Who Was Carroll Shelby?

5. At the same time, you'll know more about Mr. Ford II. And this is the end with that. Because I think that doesn't matter is the greatest person was good or he was bad, we need to see his racing goals and what he get of those, what he did for motorsport for autosport racing. So, after "Ford v Ferrari" movie watching, are you sure that it's possible to show Ford corporation and Mr. H. Ford in this way?

I'm sure you get the same question or some of them after the "Ford v Ferrari" movie. I need to say that I liked the film, cause everyone will understand it, even if this everyone isn't racing fan.  Moreover, I'm very glad that people get more interest in racing.

Taisiya Lavi

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