TOP 10 Christmas gifts for F1 fans that'll make you inspire

Taisiya Lavi 4:58 PM

What do I have to see as for Christmas gifts to F1 fans! It would seem caps, t-shirts, bags, various subscriptions, mugs, and toys. We have seen absolutely all about Christmas gifts that can be given to Formula 1 fan. Turns out not so.
I went to the official F1 store website, Mercedes section (these products are the most popular and in-demand for now). It's got everything in there! 
I bring to your attention the top 10 Christmas gifts for Mercedes fans that will inspire you and refresh your ideas!

We'll start with 2 of the most interesting: one of the best Christmas gifts and another the unwise item that I met in the official F1 store. 
Let's move on to first, it is in the last place of our ranking of Christmas gifts for  F1 fans.

Number 10: Mercedes AMG Petronas Lewis Hamilton 2015 Bodywork in Acrylic
Team Hamilton fan's dream, a sight for sore eyes. It looks beautiful, it looks like a Formula 1 winning cup. It stays in the most visible place in your apartment or room immediately (something tells me that you wouldn't want to give it as a gift, but we need to share in Christmas time) Mercedes AMG Petronas Lewis Hamilton 2015 Bodywork in Acrylic - 329USD  

Number 9: Formula 1 Rolex British Grand Prix 2019 Official Programme
Generally, who gives it at all? A clueless thing, unless it's before Formula1 GB Grand Prix. Just, it was in July, but the reviews dated September.    Formula 1 Rolex British Grand Prix 2019 Official Programme - 16 USD 
Forget it quickly and move on to the funky gizmos next. After all, we came here for fresh ideas for Christmas gifts

Number 8: Formula 1 8 Mascot with Overalls
Generally, I didn't realize, what's here from formula 1, but across appearance the sense into the suit. Savvy? Bear is cute and funny, such smiling, and suits perfectly. Formula 1 8 Mascot with Overall -  28.50 USD. In one word, it will be a worthy guest at your Christmas party definitely. 

Number 7: Scuderia Ferrari Compact Umbrella - Black 
I like it. I understand that the umbrella is a compact, but it's black, black, so you don't have to shine with red umbrellas as something in that Hollywood style. Here it is-practicality and reliability. And even favorite logo of Ferrari F1 team, good as  Christmas gift for Scuderia Ferrari fans.  Scuderia Ferrari Compact Umbrella - Black - 42.40 USD

Number 6: Formula 1 2018 - Headline Edition  
What are we going to do at Christmas holidays? Of course to playing video games, a lot of playing. Right after all grand dinners with family ceremonies and rewatching streamings of races (seems that none of my posts is complete without racing games, I love racing games). Anyway, I know you like to play F1 games too. 

Also, a great way to remember F1 2018 season. The only thing, was it possible to decorate the packaging? What the quite not Christmas.  Formula 1 2018 - Headline Edition - Xbox One - 53USD

Number 5: Renault F1 Sport Heritage Collection Layshaft and Gear Lamp
How do you like it, Elon Musk? Is it a lamp with the foot, with a winning cup? But, no! Admit it you don't guess immediately too. Yes, Yes. The Renault designers are clearly looking at a high-tech with love. And we love everything that is connected with Formula 1. A great gift for Christmas, for those who like to read by the light of a lamp and passing looking at the familiar logo. It would be nice to expand the collection to Ferrari Mercedes F1 teams.  Renault F1 Sport Heritage Collection Layshaft and Gear Lamp - 703 USD

Number 4: McLaren MP4/4 Ayrton Senna MP4/4 Poster
And Christmas is not a good Christmas without Formula 1 good poster. Come on, who's decking the room by posters! Rightly, all did so, and someone does it now (me too). It's always nice to look at something nice, especially when it comes to Formula 1. What a lovely Christmas gift! Given the price, you can buy such as Wallpaper for your entire room. There is nothing extraordinary, just quality and taste. McLaren MP4/4 Ayrton Senna MP4/4 Poster  - 33.75USD

Number 3: Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton Paul Oz Hand-Embellished Print
What Christmas gifts without art pictures? Especially when it comes to Paul Oz's creative! And it's not some sort of printed Lewis Hamilton, but the real painted colors, I think it kept even the smell of paint, mmm... Paul Oz is a recognizable artist and expected guest on any F1 events at all, even more simply charismatic man. His art is beautiful, shocking and unique. Just the way you like! Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton Paul Oz Hand Embellished Print - 1,535.00 USD  available as part of a strictly limited edition of just 50 hand embellished

Number 2: Lotus F1 Gear Ratio Clock
Is it even legal? Who gets the idea at all? I'm a fan of Formula 1 racing and Yes, I have a lot of respect for different Formula 1 teams and to official F1 merchandises too. But, who enjoys such clock at all? Although, OK I got excited.

Where is written Lotus on it and who decided so? Or is it already used by Lotus F1 team, and if so, then where are the autographs those who enjoyed? The most interesting thing is that it's almost a bestseller among the Christmas gifts F1. 

I think it's perfect. I hope the young man I bought it for at Christmas will love it too.
Generally, now you have known what a Christmas gift to please a fan of Formula 1. Lotus F1 Gear Ratio Clock - 208USD

Number 1.  Mercedes AMG Petronas Lewis Hamilton 2015 US GP Photo and Car Bodywork  
Price - 413 USD
A piece of a car, guys it's a piece of car bodywork. I don't even know what feelings overwhelm me and what feelings would overwhelm a Mercedes F1 fan with such a Christmas gift and F1 fan generally. On the one hand, it's a piece of machine in a frame. On the other - it turns out .... is to pick up the wreckage of F1 cars on the road is a profitable business, and we still don't know about it? Mercedes AMG Petronas Lewis Hamilton 2015 US GP Photo and Car Bodywork Just in case some used cars cost the same 413 per car. 

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