Best F1 radio Messages 2019

Taisiya Lavi December 28, 2019

Our holidays continue, the New year is coming very soon, so it's time to remember the best Formula 1 team radio messages 2019.

Australian GP - V. Bottas "To whom it may concern"

Bahrain GP - C. Leclerc "What's happening?"

Everything went as good as planned for Scuderia Ferrari driver, until..
C. Leclerc – “There’s something strange with the engine.”
“Okay copy that we’re taking it.”
C. Leclerc – “What’s happening???”
“Follow the numbers on the dash.”
C. Leclerc – “Yeah but, I can’t… Oh my god. I will try.”
“Keep calm, we need the car home.”
C. Leclerc – “Yes, I will try. I’m keeping calm.”
38.0 target lap time.
C. Leclerc – “I can’t, I can’t take, because I’m so slowly I’m spending a lot of time in the straights, so very difficult to save anything now.” 
C. Leclerc – “Ah… well guys I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say… what an amazing race we had.” (Chequered flag)

Chinese GP - L. Stroll "You're pressing radio instead of energy"

Germany GP - M. Verstappen "Wow, what a race" 

Hungarian GP - S. Vettel "Lightweight"

Belgium GP - L. Norris "It's broken"

Italian GP - D. Ricciardo "Pizza"

Singapore GP - V. Bottas "Valtteri, it's James"

Russian GP - S. Vettel "Bring back the v12s"

Baku GP - C. Leclerc "I am stupid"

Spanish GP - C. Sainz "Hello Tom, I'm Darren"

Monaco GP - L. Hamilton "I can't look after these tyres"

Canadian GP - S. Vettel "Stealing the race from us"

French GP - N. Hulkenberg "There's something BBQing here"

Austrian GP - L. Norris "You mean like forever?"

GB Grand Prix - C. Sainz "Smooth Operator"

Japanese GP - V. Bottas "James, it's Valtteri"

Mexico GP - D. Ricciardo "Husky and beautiful"

USA GP - L. Norris "Like  rollercoaster"

Brazilian GP - P. Gasly "Waaaa..." 

Abu Dhabi GP - C. Sainz " Send it"

This version of sky sports, but I can't don't introduce it to you. By the way, looks like a good channel. I hope you get a little bit more positive, happy holidays!

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