WRC watches: Anonimo racing ideology

Taisiya Lavi 4:55 PM

Anonimo watches and WRC

What is what: where are the watches and where is motorsport? 

The company was based in Florence, Italy for twenty-two years ago and currently located on the point of the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Moreover,  need to say, the brand is developing very successfully.

Why it's about autosport? 

In 2017 Spanish motorcycle racer Joan Mir won the Moto3 world title in collaboration with Anonimo watches. There were other successful partnerships on two and four wheels in Moto3 and TCR. One of the most popular is the association with Leopard racing continues to this day.

Why WRC collaboration? 

Anonimo watches' company wanted to grow and reach out to new audiences. The brand focused on the same target group of passionate connoisseurs as WRC, Anonimo wanted to create more awareness of its brand and watches among people who are not Swiss watch aficionados. 

That's why in 2018 was accepted a multi-year agreement to join the FIA World Rally Championship, the company becomes as the official timekeeper and very good presented at rally Monte Carlo.

What's the same ideology with WRC sport? 

How's written about this collaboration on the official WRC website?
"Bringing together the best of Italian elegance and Swiss watchmaking excellence, Anonimo is led by a strong, passionate team with a shared philosophy: provide elegant, functional and uncompromising timepieces."

How does it look like?

The special stylish Anonimo collections Militare and Nautilo had chosen to add the WRC to its portfolio.

WRC official website

How to describe Anonimo watches? 

Stylish- yes, elegant- yes, and .... cooly. Tastes differ; very refined is absolutely true. Are the ideologies of two different companies with the same audience similar? Yes, definitely. 
Do I like the watch- yes.  Would I like it on my man's hand- yes.  
However, WRC racing is still more extreme than elegance; I think there should be more vivid details. 

What I prefer - Nautilo. 

Of course, Anonimo has other series: for example, Leopard racing collab looks more intense but too aggressive.
Anonimo Leopard Racing

Now it is clear, and now we know what the strange Anonimo words and this about watches. Moreover, you know what the common with World Rally Championship. Now let's move on to the question-what for what?

Regular price CHF 5,300 USD 
Official web - here

What's next? 

Day by day the world rally championship becomes more popular and its audience is changing. Kalle Rovanperä, has won the WRC2 Pro World Championship becomes a young ambassador. 

Kalle Rovanperä, ambassador Anonimo
Anonimo brand gets a similar ideology that WRC has, some common racing feels embodied in watches design. This partnership can be called quite successful. 
About vivid design details: naturally, this brand will evolving and there will be more new models. 
To the same,  Anonymo brand has all the necessary opportunities for this.

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