What an F1 must have happened into Ferrari for constructor’s championship win?

Ferrari F1
by Auto review

How many posts we saw with a huge number of conjectures technical settings failures of Ferrari F1 team during all 2019 season!
Cars cars, technics! One pro Ferrari fan sure about tires, as another about aerodynamics settings.
Are you tired of it as I am? No, then just close this post.

Agreed? Then let’s look at some points that would happen for Ferrari win Formula 1 construction championship 2019 season.

1. Ferrari F1 2019 drivers, bosses, and engineers; not all in, but the full hazing. 

Who’s the first Ferrari F1 driver? Yesterday I thought he’s S. Vettel, now I’m not sure, what about tomorrow? Scuderia Team boss’ voice radio always makes me hesitate, even not to me only: GPfans want to C.Leclerc as the first driver. Teammates?  No, never heard. Meanwhile, Formula 1 constructor’s championship have been going to end. 
How Ferrari failed to realise it would cost Leclerc victory below

2. Calm and order is profitable. 

No more chaotic, is like step by step, as first you try one tactic, and move to point B if A. didn’t work. It doesn’t mean Scuderia Ferrari Team needs to try to do everything with both drivers and all engineers at one time immediately. Even more, it doesn’t mean to push on all buttons and try all tires, wenting on pitstop when mood wants.

S.Vettel VS C. Leclerc 2019 season review below

3. Risky decisions. 

As you already understood, the order is a component of success, directly. But, here’s what’s important, I never saw that decisions are made at the last moment. For example: Mercedes AMG F1 team everything is good with tactics, decisions are made when it’s absolutely necessary. If not – OK, you ‘James’ does it without risk.

Ferrari F1
by Auto review

There is one point, that I like and agreed for 100 %.
Optimism, the one huge Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team’s optimism, even ex Mclaren Mr. Éric Boullier could be envy. 
I’m not sure if Scuderia Ferrari would have won the constructors championship 2019 going this way. But only one thing I’m sure, if complying with these points, Red Team will be having the order, so necessary thing.

This post is just private opinion and couldn’t be used as the true ‘truth’. With kind regards and best wishes of true wins to Scuderia Ferrari!