The best quote you need to know about electric WRC now

Electric rally car
Electric rally car

For why I’m appreciated and respect WRC world champion Sebastien Ogier, is that this person has his own opinion on any issue. Moreover, he never hesitates to say it. Mr. Ogier speaking not often, but do speak on the case only. He is one of those unique people which as like an encyclopedia, sometimes it seems that he’s ready to provide a true dissertation about subject ‘gravel breaks down into elements below WRC tires and what is it gravel’, moreover and he will be damnably rights! 

And it’s not because of 6 titles are his account, he’s just such man. 
But enough to praise Mr. Ogier, and then he gets conceited, let’s move on to the question.
The FIA has announced that the World Rally Championship will be contested by petrol-electric hybrid cars in 2022

In the world Motorsport championship, it’s common to say that electric and hybrid WRC cars are the future of Motorsport because those don’t pollute nature, or doing it at the minimum. It is what it is, and that it is right, but not now and not for the rally racing. Why? Why not? Why it’s not about the WRC and not the time. I couldn’t formulate the correct answer to the questions for a long time, but 6th-time world champion WRC Sebastian Ogier did it for me in the best possible form.

Sebastian Ogier

Sebastian Ogier

“You have to follow the train of society. At the moment, we all know the world is facing a major problem. And we have to make some act in this direction, which means the automobile industry also have to do that. And it’s happening. And I think in motorsport it also have to be the same, and in the moment the true is rally is a little back in that, and a little bit behind. So I hope the rules gonna get cleared as soon as possible, and that then motorsport have to show the way as well. I think that’s a long debate. I’m not sure that electric is the key for the future, but that’s one of the elements we need to use right now. And that’s what looks better at the moment. But I think in the long term there will probably be better technology coming, and I love nature. And I love the world, and to be honest, I’m very concerned also by this topic. So that’s something I will definitely be involved in in the future.”


For what it is? What sense?

I love nature, you love nature, and we are caring about it. But each of us loves rally cars and rally racing. We need to consider people aren’t ready for it, but only for now. On the other side, we need to thinking about it ahead, for the future and begin to do it right now. Of course, there will be modern cars, rally cars, hybrid cars, electric: moreover, WRC cars that aren’t so dangerous for nature, but it will be in the future and the best engineers and talented people begin to working with that now.

What about you? Did you turn off the light in your kitchen?