DTM Calendar 2020: racing schedule, Russian Igora, DTM abbreviature

DTM Calendar 2020

What’s DTM?
What’s Race calendar 2020?
Where to go?
What’s special in DTM race?

19 th. September DTM announced the new 2020 calendar.
Organizators year after year have been trying to be more popular in other non-germanic countries. And this is the first main thing that you need to know about DTM racing.

Second point: What is DTM? I remember my first DTM race in Russia in 2014. This abbreviate always makes me confused, because what’s the sense?
D – Deutsche; T – Tourenwagen; M- Masters

Sounds better. Let’s look at the DTM 2020 calendar official our third point.

DTM Sean Bull Design
DTM Sean Bull Design


24.04.–26.04. Zolder
15.05.-17.05. Lausitzring
29.05.-31.05. Igora Drive
12.06.-14.06. Anderstorp
26.06.-28.06. Monza
10.07.–12.07. Norisring
22.08.–23.08. Brands Hatch
04.09.-06.09. Assen
11.09.-13.09. Nürburgring
02.10.–04.10. Hockenheimring

On the fourth, where to go for the DTM race? Igora racetrack. 

I told you about the Russian round in 2014. In 2020 this race planning to join in Saint Petersburg – Igora racetrack. And here is some things that you need to know.

1. Igora race track is an absolutely new racing circuit. Moreover, someone says that it’ll provide Formula 1 races in 2021 and Sochi will loose its Russian Grand Prix. Probably, you will ask “How it looks like”? You know, there is no one, but only Mr. H. Tilke knows it because the track is being built only. I found a picture

Igora racetrack
Igora racetrack

So, if you are a really motorsport racing fan, you have to see a new Igora racetrack by your own eyes.

Note: spring is very beautiful in Saint Petersburg, there won’t be so many people, but the perfect time to take a travel to Russia. 

DTM Russia 2014
DTM Russia 2014

What’s special in DTM? Point № 5.
 DTM Cars. I don’t know so many DTM fans, but I know the main reason why people adore this type of racing. It’s about cars, Of course, those aren’t looking like LMP monsters, but these are being a middle of common german cars and the sports aliens. I’m sure, if you are a street racing fan, you’ll enjoy the top speed of DTM and cars amazing sound.

I hope I convinced you and DTM will being tacked some good notes in your 2020 personal calendar, as in mine.

P.S: Special thanks to DTM official website for good information.