Daniil Kvyat and penalty story again. Was it worth it?

Daniil Kvyat
Daniil Kvyat 

Daniil Kvyat get the penalty, again! What impossible things can happen! The second Formula 1 Grand Prix (do you remember Mexico GP?) and the third in a row penalty! What was it? He didn’t fit into the Circuit of the Americas on Saturday, as into Mr….no Hulkenberg, now Daniil Kvyat did not share the turn with Checo Perez.

Someone will immediately remember Daniil’s nickname “torpedo” and smiling maliciously, and someone will be against this penalty very clearly. Are the judges so right or is Daniil Kvyat so wrong?  There are no critics, I understand how sensitive subject it is.  So ” whoa whoa easy!” let’s try to look closely.

 As long as F1 2019 season will end, but talks will remain. However, now look at what happened in Mexico.
Now, who cares what he did, the only one question – Was it worth it? The mistakes always happen, even Max Verstappen before becoming a real threat to the Lewis Hamilton winning, even Mr. Versttapen made things Daniil Kvyat can only dream about. 
The truth is how much the result justifies the actions. If the result is about pole or top 5 then okay, that’s good. But when you put yourself  in danger, if it’s about the top 10, then “It’s not quite what we expected sir.” It is very important to fighting and necessary to fight when the effort is worth it.